Tulsa King – Season 1 Episode 3 “Caprice” Recap & Review


In an unrelated scene to the story until now, we see Stacy and the ATF team trying to arrest someone called Mr. Dumont. Another man called “Keel” is brought down but instead of helping, antagonizes him, leading him to blow up the house and himself. Dwight sits outside in a cafĂ© and watches a wandering white horse, Pilot.

The waitress tells him he has been around forever and lives nearby. “Not all horses are fans of the pasture”, she says, and Dwight has a wry smile on his face. He practices driving for the big test that day. Tyson asks about his position in the big picture five years from now.

Dwight tries to explain that it is not the smart thing to do. Perhaps going to college should be Tyson’s focus, but he is adamant about working for Dwight. They go to Bodhi’s rage at his store and discuss the commercial uses of nitrous oxide. Dwight is interested in it as a business opportunity and targets the Ogallala-Land music festival for it. He takes the idea to Mitch, saying they could earn over a hundred grand for it. He agrees to it and can procure nitrous in bulk for his restaurant purpose.

Armand waits for Dwight and follows him in his car. Dwight picks up Paul, the driving instructor for the test. Suddenly, Armand pulls beside him and shoots at the car. Dwight saves Paul just in time and gives chase. They are eventually caught by the police but Armand is able to flee the scene. With his priors, they question him hard but Stacy comes to the station and bails him out of the situation. We see Armand burning the car and Dwight not giving any information about the car to the police. He wants to question the man himself.

Stacy and Dwight have dinner and bind over the “mutuality” in their lines of work. They are both isolated and troubled individuals and that leads to a night of them sleeping together. Stacy is embarrassed by charmed as well. Dwight informs Chickie about the shooting and the Capo promises to find out more about it. Vincent surely did not do it so somebody else must be behind it. Stacy re-watches the tape of the men from the house that blew up.

There are several new introductions that follow. Caolan Waltrip (Keel), is the head of the Black Macadam, a one percenter motorcycle gang. The gang has started arming themselves heavily all of a sudden, catching the ATF’s attention. They are all people with criminal backgrounds. Edgar Dumont (the one who blew himself up), was a former cellmate of Caolan’s. Robbie Trucotte and Carson Pike are the henchmen in the group, and the latter is Caolan’s personal bodyguard as well. Rochelle “Roxy” Harrington is next. She is a munitions expert and is close to Caolan.

The three men are Stacy’s focus for the immediate future. Dwight brings flowers to Paul in the hospital. He escaped with minor injuries thanks to Dight’s intervention. The gangster offers him an envelope of money and asks him for information on the car. He tells Paul the model and make of the car and the first four digits of the plate. Dwight gives Tyson a “severance” to relieve him of his duties. He thinks of how scared his family must be when they saw the car and how they would be kind anger if the attacker thought he was Dwight.

Tyson insists he wants to be a part of “this life” and Dwight accepts, reminding him that it was Tyson’s decision to stay on and he has to live with it no matter what. He orders him to get a new car but not the same model and color. Stacy picks up a stray dog from the house the other day and Dwight goes to inspect the burned-out car. They locate it to someone working at the Fennario Ranch, a place near their location. Dwight positions himself on the ranch, waiting for the employees to depart. Tyson practices his mean dialogues to use at work with Dwight and his father listens outside, hanging his head in disappointment and fear.

Dwight follows the man home but does not recognize him. As he is about to get out and shoot him, he sees Armand’s son running out to greet him, forcing Dwight to change his mind.

The Episode Review

Tulsa King continues with the worldbuilding and surprising character developments that take season 1 in the right direction. Episode 3 saw a new tangent being introduced to the plot and it remains to be seen how it affects the core storyline. Stallone is gradually establishing himself as a revered mobster in the television space and for sure, the show is shaping up to rub shoulders with the best of its kind like The Sopranos.

The mystery surrounding Armand is yet to be resolved and that was a close escape for Dwight. No matter how hard he tries to move away from that life, he is dragged back into it. Dwight is actually a shrewd businessman and the nitrous opportunity shows how useful he can be with money,

Stacy and his blossoming relationship is a nice emotional touch. Dwight finally has someone to fill the void in his life – for now. But will it fall to the same stereotypes in such universes or will it endure? We cannot wait to find out.

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