True Story – Season 1 Episode 2 “Greek Takeout” Recap & Review

Greek Takeout

Episode 2 of True Story begins with Kid in a rough way. He’s got a public appearance in front of all the kids following his movie premiere. He pus on a decent show but it’s clear Kid is beginning to crack under the pressure.

Our celeb is understandably distracted, struggling to concentrate and incredibly paranoid. He continues to move from place to place, including a visit to the Children’s Hospital.

Back at the Four Seasons, Carlton struggles to handle Ari’s body. Throughout the episode he communicates with Kid, ringing and texting to try and organize transportation for this heavy man. Slowly but surely it makes Kid grow ever-more paranoid and skittish.

That crescendos into devastating effect when Todd reveals he’s set up a photoshoot back at the hotel room. Kid hurries back, lashing out at his biggest fan Gene on the way, to find the hotel room Ari-free. The gangster’s body though happens to be dumped in the bathtub.

After the shoot, Kid takes Hersch’s car while using a massive trunk to wheel the body out. On the road, they have a quick pit-stop, courtesy of a few police officers wanting to snap pictures.

Eventually the pair make it to a secluded dumpster where they throw the body in. This nightmare is finally over…or is it?

The Episode Review

The second episode of True Story bounces back with more mishaps and tension as Kid and Carlton are forced to try and strategize and move Ari’s body. It’s a pretty standard episode in truth, although the latter moments involving Carlton and K talking together in Hersch’s car is easily the stand out segment.

It’s good to see these two start to patch up their differences and it’s a definite highlight in what’s otherwise a more streamlined episode compared to the opener.

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