True Beauty – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Soo-Jin’s Plan

Episode 10 of True Beauty picks up right where we left off as Ju-Kyung walks her Father home. She’s incredibly embarrassed after the incident with Soo-Hoo but they agree to remain tight-lipped about what’s going on.

The pair sneak off home… but Jae-Pil is run off the property by Hyun-Sook. Ju-Kyung eventually heads inside and speaks to Soo-Ho on the phone.

The next day, Soo-Jin continues to feel disappointed about what she saw the previous day. Sitting with Ju-Kyung, she admits that her Father hits her… and that she likes Soo-Ho. Ju-Kyung’s taken aback by this though and concocts an entire scenario in her head about everyone in school turning against her. On the back of this, she decides to skip her study session and let Soo-Jin go with Soo-Ho.

That evening, Ga Woon’s absence from Prince Comics means she and Soo-Ho can sit and eat together there in peace. As the Owner arrives, he overhears Ju-Kyung mentioning she’s fallen for someone…and understands immediately that it’s Soo-Ho.

Back at school, Joon-Woo and Hee-Kyung patch up their differences. Joon-Woo tells her they should share their pain and together, they head out for dinner together.

Meanwhile, Ju-Kyung meets Soo-Jin for a spot of clothes shopping. In fact, Soo-Jin is actually there to buy a present for Soo-Ho. She casts doubts in Ju-Kyung’s mind, telling her that they have a 10 year history and asks whether Soo-Ho would outright reject her. When Ju-Kyung leaves, Soo-Jin’s smile quickly fades and turns into a scowl.

Ju-Kyung heads to work and greets Seo-Joon, who happens to be filling in for her. Well, eventually they work together where Seo-Joon teases her about breaking up. After Ju-Kyung fake cries, their shift ends and the duo take the bus home. On the way, she asks for advice from Seo-Joon, using a “friend of a friend” excuse.

After running into Hyun-Sook at Prince Comics, Seo-Joon happily accepts an invitation to join Ju-Kyung’s family for dinner. Only, it turns out Soo-Ho is already there. He’s not alone though.

Ju-Young is there too and he obviously likes Ga-Woon. As they all sit together, Ju-Young throws compliments Soo-Ho’s way and throws shade at Seo-Joon, whom he believes is dating Ga-Woon. Soo-Ho and Seo-Joon begin competing for points from the family. Points which Seo-Joon wins.

Eventually the inevitable happens and both Soo-Ho and Seo-Joon fight. Well, at school the next day things take a turn for the worst when Seo-Joon and Ju-Kyung’s photos blow up all over school. There are t-shirts printed, banners and more.

Soo-Ho is understandably not happy and confronts Ju-Kyung about what’s happened. He mentions male-female friendships and Ju-Kyung immediately bites back and mentions Soo-Jin. Things are understandably tense between them, prompting both to head into class with a lot on their minds.

Hee-Kyung heads in to visit Director Oh and asks him about the changed song. He accuses the Director of plagiarizing Se-Yeon’s work but he scoffs at the notion and walks away. He even warns Hee-Kyung that if she still wants a job then she needs to keep her mouth shut and do her work.

At Soo-Ho’s house, Soo-Jin notices Ju-Kyung phoning through and immediately answers. When she hangs up, Soo-Jin tries to win Soo-Ho over with the gift from earlier. He rejects it though and reveals that he has a girlfriend. However, he fails to disclose exactly who that is.

Soo-Ho visits Ju-Kyung at work and demands to speak to her. Only, she’s in the middle of her shift. Seo-Joon lets her go though and promises she can head out to see him.

Once there, Soo-Ho decides they should open up and tell everyone about their relationship. Ju-Kyung is still a little uneasy and conflicted between love and friendship. Unfortunately it sees them go their separate ways and head home alone.

The next day, Se-Yeon’s song releases on the radio. Hee-Kyung is absolutely furious and heads in to see the Director. It turns out he released details surrounding Se-Yeon’s school violence simply to cover for one incriminating photo of him and a young actress together.

After threatening the Director, Soo-Ho shows up at the office but he can’t bear to face the Director. As he walks away, he heads straight into Seo-Joon’s path and together, they get hit by a car.

The Episode Review

With Se-Yeon’s song released by the slimy Director, the truth surrounding the story is finally revealed. So it seems like this young artist had some dirt on the CEO and was subsequently buried for it. The situation between Seo-Joon and Soo-Ho obviously stemmed from this friendship triangle and that missed call was a big turning point for the fate of these characters.

Meanwhile, Soo-Jin continues to try and win Soo-Ho over, making Ju-Kyung feel guilty and planting seeds of doubt in her mind. She knows that Ju-Kyung and Soo-Ho are dating so all of this seems to be her plan to oust Ju-Kyung. Could it come down to her revealing the true face of her friend to everyone at school? Is this really worth it over a boy? Well, we’ll have to wait and find out of course.

For now though, True Beauty continues to deliver decent drama and although the show is a bit cliched and full of the usual romcom tropes, it’s a lovely little webtoon adaptation nonetheless.

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