Trashed Ambulance – Future Considerations | Album Review

Track List

Stalk in the Park
Blip on the Radar
Melting Pot
Next Door to Nothing

Blanking out the wars that rage around us takes extreme mental strength, comforting the inner anger inside yourself takes even more power, and trying to keep your pride intact isn’t a smooth procedure either. This punk band, which go by the name Trashed Ambulance, use their music and lyricism as wonders of the world, and they try so hard to feel the goodness even though the rot is wrapping itself around it.

Future Considerations is a blast of punk and order, a collection of songs, which manage to drive home messages of discontent. Intelligence is a mainstay here too, and the band use that as their template.

Nothing overwhelms the punk sound here either as it well and truly sparks fury, and the tight instrumentals enforce rhythm and melody. And the band knows how to construct tracks that are meaningful; tracks describing the drunk days of youth and the darkness which protruded.

The record portrays through its quickness, vivid storytelling. And the songs emotionally channel days of misguided truth.

’56’ starts the record off with a punk spin. Intelligent lyrics are spearheaded here, and there’s no chance of safety. The riff grows, and the pulsating atmosphere elevates.

‘Blip On The Radar’ electrifies the sound, and the lyrics tell tales of disenchantment. The chorus bursts with intensity. ‘Filtered’ opens with an invigorating intro, and the vocals build up well with the guitar riff. Nothing is changing, and the days are becoming monotonous.

Later on in the album, ‘Tyrants’ tells the almighty truth and behind those well-developed guitar riffs, we see the story unfold.

Trashed Ambulance tell their tales wholeheartedly on this release. And their punk sound is as infectious as its ever been.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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