Tracker – Season 1 Episode 10 “Into the Wild” Recap & Review

Into the Wild

Episode 10 of Tracker sees Colter end up in Idaho. Although he was having some downtime after his last case, Reenie unexpectedly showed up to his RV. Colter has to find a pair of missing siblings, Hank and Madison. Gus, their father, is a close friend of Reenie’s father and is prepared to pay any amount to find them.

The duo went missing on a float plane as they were taking a client, Walter Bratton, for a fishing trip to a lake in the forest. On the fateful day, a devilish storm brewed in the area and since then, there has been no trace of them.

Interestingly, the place they last made radio contact was way off the path they should have been on. Also, according to the evidence present, Hank and Madison changed the course of the plane before the storm. This means that they might have been compelled to do so for some reason. Rescue and search operations have been futile and Gus is worried. Colter agrees to help and is dropped off near the debris field of the plane to further investigate.

Back at Gus’ office, a mysterious man shows up enquiring about Walter. He immediately strikes one as an evil presence, hinting at some shady business with Walter. Reenie is alerted as well and clicks a few photos of the man.

Near the debris of the plane, Colter finds a body. But it is neither of the siblings nor Walter. However, the man did not die because of the crash but of a gunshot wound. Reenie begins looking into these strange events from her end. She finds out that the car Walter used to come to Idaho belonged to Holly Choi. She finds a receipt for Big Rock Printing Corp in the car.

On the call with Colter, Reenie hears gunshots in the distance. She rushes toward the office and finds Gus injured with a gunshot wound. The mystery man who visited them earlier, Waltz, steals another plane from the shed to go look for Walter. Gus also remarks that she shot Waltz in the stomach.

When Reenie visits Big Rock, she finds out that Walter wants Canadian passport-size photos. Now, there is a possibility that he might have been using the plane as a cover to get across the border. Colter finds Madison stuck in a ditch with a broken hand. He traverses down the slope using a rope and carabiner to bring her back up. As expected, Madison reveals that Walter has stolen some money from nefarious people. Waltz is a hired gun on their behest to recover the money.

Colter takes Madison to a ranger station but finds out that Waltz has gotten there before him. After getting all the details about Walker’s plan, he tries to kill the duo but Colter’s alertness saves them. He is shot in the shoulder but soldiers on to find where Hank is. Reenie meets up with him as Madison is taken to safety by the ranger. Teddi and Velma reveal that there is a man near Pinewood Cabins who helps people vanish in exchange for money.

Reenie and Colter head toward the cabin. Upon reaching it, they separate to cover more area. Almost no one at the cabin is alive, including Walter and the guy he was supposed to meet. Colter finds Hank first, who has the money with him. But before they can escape, Waltz breaks in.

The duo hide beneath the floorboard as Waltz stands right on top of them looking for clues. He finds the money and is about to leave when he senses the men are beneath the floor. Before he can shoot, Colter kills him with his accurate shot.

The Episode Review

Reenie’s recent emergence as an important character in the show is encouraging. Episode 10 of Tracker is quite different from the other instalments given its format and focus away from Colter. Writers have been trying hard to develop an arc for Reenie’s character in the second half. And I must say, she is very likeable.

The subplot has a mix of generic filler details like Walter running away from “dangerous people” and creative outlines like the use of a floater plane. But overall, the main plotline is very engaging, despite minor infractions like the aforementioned choices.

Peter Stormare’s cold-hearted cameo is worth every second. He is a legend at playing such bad guys with a unique flavour of comedy and the episode is greatly helped by his presence. It is a very different approach from the show’s creators that has all the trappings of becoming a successful experiment, although you should probably treat this as a one-off.

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