Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained – Does Thor die at the end?

Thor: Love and Thunder Plot Synopsis

The main plot of Love and Thunder involves Thor teaming up with Jane Foster aka. Mighty Thor, King Valkyrie and Korg to recruit some Gods and fight back against Gorr the Butcher, who threatens to kill them all; his motivations stem from simple vengeance against the Gods.

The fate of the universe hangs in the balance, complete with all the usual obligatory CGI monsters and a big fight at the end. Do Thor and the gang come out on top?

Do Thor and the others stop Gorr in the Shadow Realm?

Gorr the God Butcher is blinded by revenge, desperate to gain justice for his daughter dying and the Gods brushing off her death as inconsequential. In possession of the Necrosword – which is established early on as able to slay Gods – Gorr goes on a bloodthirsty mission to get revenge.

As the movie progresses, Jane, Thor and Valkyrie mount a counter-offensive and head to the Shadow Realm to stop Gorr. Unfortunately, they come up short and even worse, Gorr ends up in possession of Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker. During the three-on-one fight, Gorr injures Valkyrie and the trio are forced to retreat back to Asgard.

With Stormbreaker now in his possession, Gorr heads to the temple, intending to use Stormbreaker to open the Gates of Eternity where he’ll be granted one wish. This wish stems from wiping out every God with one fell swoop in order to avenge his daughter.

Why does Jane’s cancer get worse?

Early on in the movie we learned that Jane had become “worthy” to wield Mjolnir for reasons simply brushed aside without a whole lot of explanation. One could argue it stems from a promise Thor made Mjolnir, telling his hammer to “keep her safe” but beyond that we don’t get a whole lot of rationale.

Anyway, after the earlier failed offensive in the Shadow Realm, Thor learns that Jane’s continued use of her newly acquired powers is actually draining her defences and making the cancer more aggressive. If she continues to wield Mjolnir, she could well die.

Does Thor stop Gorr?

With Valkyrie out the fight and Jane in hospital, Thor decides to head off alone to try and stop Gorr. Along the way, Thor frees the captured Asgardian children, encouraging them to fight off Gorr’s conjured monsters, thanks to imprinting his powers onto the kids.

Thor is made quick work of by Gorr and with all hope lost, Jane bursts onto the scene, riding on Valkyrie’s Pegasus. The pair fight off Gorr together, with Jane hitting the decisive blow on the antagonist. Thor meanwhile, releases Stormbreaker and helps to send the children home, safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Jane uses Mjolnir to destroy the Necrosword, Gorr’s source of power. However, it comes too late as the Gate to Eternity opens and Gorr slips through, despite being fatally wounded.

Thor and Jane follow and try to talk him around. Thor encourages Gorr to remember why he started this fighting in the first place, suggesting an alternate to killing all the Gods. He and Jane offer for Gorr to bring his daughter back and allow Thor to adopt her, taking the girl under his wing. Gorr eventually agrees and passes away.

Does Jane Foster die?

In the midst of all this, Jane Foster ends up succumbing to her injuries. After helping to defeat Gorr and doing what she can to turn the tide of battle, she passes away in Thor’s arms.

Jane turns to gold dust, dissolving into the ether just like an Asgardian God. It would appear her journey is over, although we do see that those on Asgard revere her as a saviour and hero. Plus, this is the MCU so death is never as straightforward as he/she is just gone!

How does Love and Thunder end?

With Gorr defeated and the threat thwarted, Thor heads back to New Asgard where Valkyrie has healed up and ends up training the children in the art of self defence. There’s a big statue of Mighty Thor too, while Korg’s found a new boyfriend in Dwayne.

Elsewhere, Thor is now a househusband, because of course he is. He fixes up some pancakes in the morning for his newly adopted daughter, whom he chooses to fight alongside. And their superhero names? Nope, not Snowflake and Safespace – it’s Love and Thunder!

Is there a post-credit scene?

Yes! There are two post-credit scenes. The first sees Zeus still very much alive and lamenting Thor’s actions. In fact, he’s bitterly angry that superheroes have become the new Gods and wonders when they [the Gods] became such a joke. As a result, he decides they should teach them a lesson. And that comes from using Hercules.

The second scene clarifies that Jane Foster is dead. She ends up in Valhalla after dying in Thor’s arms, heading through the gates of Valhalla and being greeted by Heimdall. He thanks her for helping to look after Astrid and welcomes her in.

Finally, right at the very end of all this, we learn that “Thor will return”, which means that Chris Hemsworth is definitely coming back for more!


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