This Is Us – Season 5 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Brotherly Love

Episode 13 of This Is Us Season 5 begins with Jack in the past, speaking to little Randall and Kevin, inviting them along to see Mr Rogers live. When they get to the studio though, the producer mistakes Jack’s son for a different child other than Randall. This seems to be the beginning of Randall’s race-related issues.

Anyway, as they sit together, Kevin claims he can’t see, with Randall sitting in the better seat. After the show, Kevin misbehaves and rushes off, prompting Jack to follow and leaving Randall by himself.

As teens, these issues continue. Randall head over to LA to meet Kevin. It’s a little awkward, especially when Randall sees they’re going to drink for the night.

After downing numerous shots and playing beer pong, Randall starts making fun of Kevin’s art on the wall. Eventually the pair head out, but a drunk Kevin calls him a “brother from another Mother” and is pretty rude to the taxi driver too. This eventually leads to the pair fighting, spilling out the taxi and losing their keys.

Back in the present, Randall is on edge awaiting Kevin’s arrival. This has been coming for a long time, something that needs to happen in order to clear the air. Beth is taking the girls out skating, making sure the brothers are completely alone.

Kevin and Randall sit down and start talking. It’s an impassioned apology from Kevin, talking about his past and any moment he may have made him uncomfortable or alone. Randall instead nonchalantly says thanks and stands up, walking away. He’s still annoyed, believing the apology to be a hollow excuse, and heads outside for some air. Kevin keeps pressing for answers.

Unfortunately they both end up stuck outside when the door locks behind them. According to Randall, he claims Kevin was racially blind to his issues in the past. Randall continues, claiming Kevin has been micro-aggressive toward him because of his skin colour. Randall feels suffocated, prompting Kevin to lash out, apologizing to him for having such a good family and reminding him race has never been an issue.

When they head back inside the house, the pair eventually do talk ,ironing out their issues. They both clear the air – as best they can anyway – with Kevin reminding Randall that they’re brothers and he loves him. Randall smiles, telling his brother Jack didn’t die ashamed of him. He was proud – just like Randall is – of Kevin’s achievements.

As the pair finally iron out their differences, Beth heads back home with the kids, leaving Randall to his thoughts.

The Episode Review

It’s been coming for a while but finally Randall and Kevin talk through their issues.

Both brothers said some pretty horrible things last season but not once did Randall accept and apologize for manipulating Rebecca, even in this episode. That’s a bit of a shame to be honest as it would have been nice to see that brought up. Their fight last year was a two-way thing, with Kevin feeling left out in the past and Randall unhappy about not having control.

Both actors put on a great performance here nonetheless, although there’s a part of me that thinks this isn’t the last of their fight. It really doesn’t feel like the pair have buried the hatchet just yet.

However, it’s clear Kevin’s micro-aggressions from the past have affected Randall deeply and this eventually leads to the resolution we see at the end. With more episodes to come, This Is Us leaves the door wide open for the rest of the season. This is definitely one of the better episodes this season though.

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