The Witcher – Season 2 Episode 7 “Voleth Meir” Recap & Review

Voleth Meir

Episode 7 of The Witcher Season 2 begins with Geralt intent on finding where Yen has taken Ciri. Nenneke warns that this fight is beyond him but does agree to help, opening a portal for him to collect an old friend. Specifically, that of Jaskier.

After another hilarious song (god, this guy is such a great bit of comedic relief), Geralt apologizes to Jaskier for his words in the past and enlists his help to try and find Yennefer and Ciri.

As the pair get talking about Yennefer, Geralt realizes what’s going on. He deduces that she’s working with the Deathless Mother, and that means visiting Cintra. However, an axe whizzes through the air, hitting Jaskier’s shirt and distracting them both.

This happens to be a dwarf by the name of Yarpen Zigrin whom Geralt has known for a while. Anyway, he agrees to give Geralt his horse and joins in the fight as they ride for Cintra.

Meanwhile, Yennefer takes Ciri to an abandoned cabin. Ciri though deliberates over her next move. Together, they decide to ride for Cintra, she’s going to confront the Black Knight. Of course, Yen has an ulterior motive though of course, which comes from trading the girl in exchange for her powers returning.

As they head down to the river, Yen tries to help channel Ciri’s powers. After bleeding from her eyes and struggling to conjure forth a rope-bridge, it all goes awry. Yen though, encourages her never to apologize for using magic.

Meanwhile, Cahir and Fringilla continue to disagree over the future of Nilfgaard. Cahir suggests a strong military hand to show Nilfgaard’s position, but Fringilla isn’t so sure. Her silence when deliberating over whether to hang a woman or not is deafening, as the general passes and scoffs at her “Some leader you are.”

Now, Fringilla takes this to heart and confronts Filavandrel about the war in Nilfgaard. With Francesca there too, and the pair unwilling to get involved in the fighting, this could sever the bond they’ve worked so hard on securing.

News of the new elf baby travels all the way up to Tissaia, as Dijkstra appears to let them know. While the trust between Triss and Tissaia is broken, thanks to the latter spilling the truth about where she’s been, Fringilla worries for her own livelihood. After bringing in the elves to help fight for them, that birth has caused them to rethink their methods. And that’s certainly not great news when the White Flame is due to visit soon.

Fringilla takes matters into her own hands. She poisons her disloyal soldiers with nightshade in their mead, which paralyzes them all. With the soldiers unable to move, Fringilla grabs a knife and stabs them one by one. The spine-chilling laugh of Voleth Meir echoes across the room, as Fringilla convinces Cahir to stand by her side and speak positively to Emhyr about what’s taken place. Specifically how her actions were justified against these men.

Rience calls on Lydia to help use Ciri’s blood. As she ingests it, screams pierce the air. We don’t see much more of these two across the episode but it seems like an important inclusion nonetheless.

Anyway, things between Ciri and Yen takes a turn for the worst. Ciri realizes that Yennefer has betrayed them, as the girl admits she doesn’t trust her as they stand on the edge of Cintra. With the cracks in the world growing ever-larger, alarms sound as soldiers rush outside. They surround Ciri and Yennefer but with all hope lost, Geralt and his merry band arrive and turn the tables.

With the Cintran soldiers dead, Geralt tasks Jaskier with taking Ciri to Kaer Morhen for the time being. Geralt though, is going on a monster hunt. A hunt that’ll bring him to the Deathless Mother. However, she manages to escape from the hut.

That night things take a turn for the worst. Filavandrel and Francesca awaken to find their baby has been slain. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Deathless Mother, Voleth Meir, swirls through the air and possesses Ciri.

The Episode Review

The Witcher’s penultimate episode sees all our characters now together as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. It’s been clear for a while that Ciri is the key to all of this and now that Voleth Meir has escaped and possessed her, everything rests precariously on a knife-edge.

Some of Jaskier’s quips are brilliant though and his comedy relief really helps give this show a much-needed levity in the wake of the dramatic plot. However, there are bigger problems here, namely that of Filavandrel and Francesca finding their baby killed. This will almost certainly have repercussions, leaving lots of question marks over where the finale will go from here.

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