The Witcher – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Dragon & The Egg

Jaskier serenades us with a song to start episode 6 of The Witcher. However, a strange man named Borch Three Jackdaws arrives with his companions, Tea and Vea, and takes them to a nearby tavern where he gives them a mission – to join his team and slay a dragon. As fate would have it, Yennefer happens to be part of one of the teams on the hunt, immediately prompting Geralt to change his opinion and jump in. En-route, Yennefer and Geralt share a brief moment together before they all continue up the mountain, leaving their mounts behind to climb.

Geralt comes across a starving Hirrika on the path, which Yennefer’s guard, Sir Eyck, steps forward and slays it, annoying Geralt. Hostilities continue around the camp fire later that day, as the different teams discuss the future of the Kingdom before the conversation turns to that of dragons.

Meanwhile Ciri and Dara continue to walk through the forest with the doppleganger Mousesack. Dara becomes suspicious of Mousesack though, especially given he managed to escape unscathed from the clutches of Nilfgaard. He warns Ciri in private before Mousesack gives her the princess sash as a way of convincing her. However, Dara ambushes the doppleganger, leading it to chase Ciri through the woods after revealing its true form.

Unfortunately suspicions rise in the dragon-hunting group too, as Sir Eyck is found with his throat slit. After speaking of Yennefer’s desires for a child, Geralt implores her to follow him through the shorter path with the dwarfs. With the group split, the dwarves lead Geralt and the others across a perilous path. Unfortunately the path crumbles midway, sending Borch and his companions to their doom.

After sleeping together that evening, in the morning Yen and Geralt head out and find the dragon. They also find the fabled golden dragon spoken of earlier too, which happens to be Borch in disguise. Borch was a dragon all along and recruited Geralt because of his affection for creatures and understanding their woes. Unfortunately the rest of the group arrive and immediately start attacking Geralt. A fight to protect the dragon egg begins, as Yennefer and Geralt team up and attack the warriors. Saving the day and with the fight over, Jaskier hurries over to their location.

Meanwhile Ciri finds herself tied up to a tree until Dara arrives and saves her. He unfortunately turns his back on her though and leaves her alone in the woods. As the episode closes out, Geralt berates Jaskier’s presence and turns his back on him as he looks out at the valley where war brews on the horizon where we leave the episode for now.

Seemingly this is the last we’ll see of Jaskier for a while given the abrupt ending these two shared here. The humour has been a little hit or miss at times but this episode in particular throws some toilet humour into the mix and it doesn’t work that well. Although some of the plot lines haven’t always been the most compelling, slotting into that episodic format of a different monster each chapter, there’s no denying that the production design and visuals look great here.

This episode in particular boasts some gorgeous aerial shots of the landscape and although the world hasn’t always been as fleshed out as it perhaps should be, Henry Cavill has absolutely owned his role as Geralt. With the finale looming, who knows how this one will end.

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