The Winchesters – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Teach Your Children Well

Episode 2 of The Winchesters opens with a teenage couple walking down a forest where the male – Barry gets killed by a creature that looks like his father. Next Dean narrates how parents have the responsibility of teaching their children many things, including how to kill monsters.

Dean states that it is important for kids to break away from their parents’ control before things get too ugly. At the same time, Mary, John and their friends are following Samuel’s trail in a bunker that is filled with dead Zombies.

Ada states that the bunker was destroyed and that there is no information about the Akrida anymore. Mary is sure that her dad was at the bunker too and that he has information about the Akrida. She is sure that Samuel made it out alive after she finds shell casings with his initials engraved in them.

Lata wonders why Samuel was not contacting Mary when she says that the casings were his way of contacting her. Just then, the zombies wake up and start attacking the group. Lata tries to open the rune box but is unable to do so.

They manage to kill the zombies one after the other until one of the creatures sneaks up on John and tries to eat him. Mary kills the creature, saving John. After their battle with the zombies has come to an end, Mary states that Samuel always covers his tracks.

She mentions that there must be a reason why the casings were left in the bunker. Mary finds a newspaper article about a recent monster activity right where they found the casing.

She decides that they should go look into it. Carlos explains how their main goal is to find the Men of Letters and not go on a hunt in the middle of everything. Just like Samuel, Mary does not hear him out and decides that Ada needs to stay back and work on fixing the rune box.

She declares that she, John, Lata and Carlos will be going on the hunt. Carlos calls Mary out but still follows her on the hunt. In the tempo, John and Mary get to talking and she tries to reassure him that he will be fine.

The next morning, John is back at his house with the others when his mother yells at him for disappearing on her like his father. He has a fight with his mother again and leaves without saying a word to her.

Mary teaches John the first rule about investigating during a hunt and hands him their fake ids. Carlos and Lata are in the hotel room when the former shares his annoyance about Mary acting bossy and following in the same footsteps as her father.

Just then, John and Mary return as the latter tells them that they had a case to work on in the town. She narrates how Barry went missing after he attended a commune with a girl named Maya.

Hearing about the commune, Carlos breaks into a dance and Mary as well as Lata join him while John watches. They dress for the event and attend the commune. The four split into groups of two to ask around about Barry.

Carlos and Lata talk to Maya and she mentions the leader of the commune – Clyde. John and Mary are talking to Clyde who thinks that Barry had fled to California. Mary is suspicious of Clyde and notices the pendant on his necklace.

She redirects the group to research who the monster could be with the information they have. At the same time, Ada arrives at the Winchester garage to meet his mother.

She tries to explain where he is coming from and Millie Winchester is annoyed even further. Ada mentions Henry Winchester which gets Millie’s attention. She hands Millie a number to call if she would like to get in touch with John.

Ada lets Millie know that the plant Henry had planted outside their house was Jasmine to protect them which leaves Millie wondering. The four rookie hunters are sure that the monster they are looking for is a shapeshifter and set out to hunt it.

Clyde is walking down the forest with a woman when he spots someone and gets lost in the forest just like Barry did. He sees the nun he was talking about in the creature who invokes fear in him, making him disappear. Mary tells John how the family used to hunt shapeshifters by picking up on the creature’s slip-ups as they also walk down the forest.

John talks about how he is annoyed by his mother when Carlos calls them to see the girl Clyde was with. Carlos explains that now Clyde was missing too. Lily states that the shifter is a creature called the “mimic” who can only be killed using copper weapons.

Carlos mentions that copper is the only item he does not carry weapons made out of because it is a cheap metal. John suggests an idea that could help them when Lata chimes in to mention that they could be dealing with a different creature.

Mary is not willing to take her input and asks John to use the copper pipes from the hotel to make the weapons. Lata still picks the purple flower for her to look up later. Ada is at the clubhouse, making herself tea out of the jasmine she picked out of the Winchester house.

Lata calls Ada asking about the purple flower and Ada tells her that information about the same can be found in one of the books she was carrying. After the call, Ada sips the tea and goes into a trance as she begins scribbling on the paper.

John is back at the hotel pulling out the copper pipes while Mary and Carlos are by themselves for the first time. Mary asks him why he was so upset with her. Carlos shares that she was behaving like Samuel and ignoring the other members of her group.

He asks Mary to stop and rethink her leadership choices. Lata finds them walking and brings proof of why the creature they were hunting down was not a mimic. She mentions that the creature is called La Tunda who was a woman once.

After the children disobeyed her, she chopped them up to feed them to her flower gardens – the same purple flower they discovered. Lata adds that the creature preys on disobedient children by shifting into a familiar face to lure them in.

Mary suddenly realises that John also spoke about standing up to his mother and they rush to help him. As John is collecting the weapons, there is a knock on the door.

John finds Millie at the door and he tries to reassure her that he will be okay. Millie tries to instigate John by saying how Henry did not want him and blames him for being the reason why he left them.

Millie ends up slipping up something John never discussed with her and realises that the creature had shifted into his mother. He tries to attack her with the copper pipe but the La Tunda puts up a fight against it shocking John.

By the time Mary, Lata and Carlos arrive at the room, John is missing and there are a bunch of flowers left behind. Mary starts regretting her decision and apologises for not listening to them. Carlos breaks out into laughter at Mary apologising and they set out to look for John.

Mary lets Lata take the reins of the hunt since she was the one who found the creature. John, Barry and Clyde are trapped in roots. The trio of John, Lata and Carlos try to look up ways to destroy the monster.

Lata mentions that they could use part of her own magic to destroy her. Carlos is sure he knows there is a way to find the creature. Meanwhile, La Tunda is back to torturing Barry as his father when John manages to escape.

He frees Clyde and is about to help Barry when La Tunda transforms into Millie and promises to punish him. Carlos leads Mary and Lata to a trail of purple flowers as John fights the La Tunda. The creature tackles John when the trio show up.

Carlos and Lata help Barry while Mary tries to fight La Tunda. Mary tells John to injure the creature by breaking its leg and he is able to do so, immediately killing her. The next morning, John and Mary drop Barry off to his father and the duo is satisfied with the union.

John visits Millie to reconcile with her and introduces her to Mary. Millie has repaired Mary’s car for her and John talks to her as Mary drives away. John apologises to Mille for taking out his dad’s anger on her.

Millie tells John that she loved him just like his father loved him and their family. Carlos and Mary chat up, reconciling their differences as Lata reads a book. John joins them when Ada enters the room sharing that she had a lead on the box.

She takes them to her secret chamber where she had started scribbling unconsciously and shows them her notes. Ada mentions that she was able to access the remaining traces left by the demon who possessed her using the potion.

She is sure that the notes will help them track the demons involved in the last hunt which could answer all of their questions. Meanwhile, a woman in a black cloak goes to the forest with the purple flowers and collects a red colored bead from La Tunda’s lair as she has a pack of wolf-like creatures following her.

The Episode Review

Looks like we are back to the good old days of monster-hunting and it seems like not having John with them would not do much damage. I would like to watch a show about Mary’s adventures before she met John and the character could very well be her ex-flame.

Since we know that John only became a hunter after Azazel killed her, the basic plot of The Winchesters seems to be a big plot hole. If we consider this new show as a fresh new tv show, with no link to Supernatural, this episode was really interesting.

There still seems to be something off about the way the makers are planning out the show. We do not have much information about the lore unlike how Sam used to sit for hours researching before getting out to hunt. We also got close to no explanation about how the jasmine plant Henry planted was protecting Mary.

The end of this episode has me very intrigued and I want to know who this person is that is collecting the monster – La Tunda’s essence from the forest after the hunt, promising a bigger, more complex monster in the episodes to come.

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