The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 Episode 6

Ireland has been a consistent producer of good TV shows and movies over the last few years. Its promising lineup continues with yet another mystery thriller in the form of The Vanishing Triangle.

Ivan Kavanagh is credited with developing the story and is the showrunner for Season 1. The six-part series has already had its three-episode premiere at the Sundance Festival, opening to a rousing response.

The show’s core plotline is derived from Irish pop culture. It refers to the period in the late 80s and 90s when Ireland witnessed a disturbing growth in the disappearance of Irish women in certain regions of the country. The show promises to focus on a firm character study through Lisa Wallace and Detective David Burkley.

Here is everything you need to know about The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 Episode 6, including its release date, time, and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch The Vanishing Triangle?

The Vanishing Triangle will be broadcast on AMC’s SundanceTV for our viewers in the US and Canada. It will also be available to watch on AMC+ for the subscribers. The show’s distributor Echo Rights has also signed pre-sale deals with several broadcasters and streamers to give the show a global platform. Acorn TV has secured the UK premiere, as well as licensing the series for several other territories. 

SBS has picked up Australian rights, and the series is also sold across the Nordics with SVT (Sweden), DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), and YLE (Finland) also licensing the title, while VRT will air the series in Belgium.

The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 Episode 6 will be released on Thursday, November 23, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.  Expect the runtime to be roughly 48 minutes for the sixth episode, which we expect to remain the same for Season 1. The new episode does not have a specific title as such. It will be available to watch with subtitles on. 

The summary for episode 6’s plot reads:

“The investigation is halted. David confronts Gardaí’s top officials to expose Gill and Gough but finds no support. He reveals a long-hidden secret to his family. Lisa and Brennan follow a lead on the killer, investigating an abandoned slaughterhouse.” 

How Many Episodes Will The Vanishing Triangle Have?

The Vanishing Triangle Season 1 will run for a total of 6 episodes. The episode airing next week will serve as the finale for The Vanishing Triangle’s first season. 

What happened in Episode 5?

After a terrifying encounter with the killer, Burkley’s concern for Lisa’s safety intensifies. Gough’s apprehension near the hotel reinforces Lisa’s belief that he’s the culprit. Lisa, feeling guilt-ridden from an agonizing memory of choosing her own life over Janice’s when she was a child, seeks refuge at Burkley’s house along with Mary and Rachael. Assigned Burkley’s office to work, Lisa contacts Barbara, discovers Billy Miller’s ailing state, and is urged to question him the next day by Betty Walsh, Billy’s mother.

Gough, a suspect, faces interrogation by Burkley and Frank Carey. Outraged, Gough protests his innocence but admits to insomnia-induced car trips, accounting for his absence during Susan and Mandy’s disappearance. Gough denies any physical contact with Mandy, substantiated by a prostitute named Karen corroborating his alibi. Despite circumstantial evidence, the police must release Gough. Lisa, hoping for Laura Doolin’s testimony against Gough, encounters Laura’s fear-induced silence.

Delving into Gough’s history reveals troubling disciplinary issues and his involvement in racketing minor girls into prostitution. Burkley’s investigation leads to a confrontation with Chief Gill, who threatens Burkley over a secret affair. Burkley, torn between self-preservation and exposing Gill, secures Tommy’s departure from London to escape Gill’s men.

Meanwhile, Susan and Mandy’s escape from captivity leads to a dangerous confrontation with the killer, leaving Chris in a coma, and Lisa distraught over the fear of losing her only family. Mary suspects Burkley’s involvement with Lisa, adding strain to Burkley’s already conflicted emotions. Lisa follows Gough, realizes he’s not the killer and faces a threatening encounter. The episode culminates in tense uncertainty.

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