The Uncanny Counter – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Uncanny Counter season 2 starts with us back in the courtroom as Ju-seok drops that bombshell reveal. His lawyer tries to backtrack and explain his actions but that menacing, disturbing look in Ju-seok’s eyes rings alarm bells for both Pil-gwang (who loves his gaze) and Mun (who’s confused by his statements). He tries to talk to him after the trial but Ju-seok is too far gone.

After dropping off Ju-seok’s mum, who bemoans her son being so consumed by hatred, Pil-gwang and Gelly sneak into the house and try to learn more about Ju-seok. The pair decide they need to help him out and accept his power. Pil-gwang in particular can sense that he must have a lot of power they can utilize.

The other Counters, despite spending the entire two seasons hunting and studying evil spirits, don’t seem to sense that Ju-seok has one inside of him. The mood is dour and the Counters are struggling… and it’s only made worse when Jeok-bong suddenly bursts in, revealing to everyone he’s back and setting off a big party popper.

Back in prison, the spirit continues to have its way with Ju-seok, encouraging him not to lose faith and get his revenge. After being taunted with the bullies in the yard, Pil-gwang shows up to see Ju-seok. He throws oil on the fire, sparking flames of vengeance in him. When the guard gets involved, Pil-gwang shows off his power by killing the guard and destroying the camera. He tells Ju-seok that he can have the same power if he wants but he needs to embrace the darkness.

Elsewhere, Ha-na meets up with her old friend Do-hwi and there’s a cute encounter between them outside. They both discuss what happened at the piano store before mentioning how it’s a wonderful coincidence they’ve met again. When he reaches out and touches her wrist, Ha-na sees memories from the past.

4 years back when Ha-na was in a coma, Do-hwi actually showed up every day to check on her. But when she disappeared from the bed, he was shocked and lost touch with her. However, they’re not reunited and he wants to see her that night.

This moment eventually paves way for our Counters back at HQ, this time with a proper greeting for Jong-seok after the welcoming ceremony went wrong the night before. As they head outside for a drive, Jong-seok senses that familiar nasty sell of Gelly.

As it turns out, Gelly and Pil-gwang have been using Baekdu Planning & Construction to scam people, with the money kept in cold storage at a warehouse full of goons. The gang she’s with though attempt to double-cross her, but Gelly has her spiked glove for company.

As she gets to work, the Counters show up at the same warehouse, and find themselves surrounded by enemies. While the other Counters get to work, attacking off-screen, Mun hurries off with Jong-seok to find the ringleaders.

They show up just in time to see Gelly, rushing away and smashing pipes to stifle Jeok-bong’s sense of smell. Of course, Gelly wasn’t aware of this but hearing Jong-seok complain about it, she starts to get a sense of what this new Counter is all about. Unfortunately, Jeok-bong has breathed in too much of this is and it leaves him incapacitated. Mun though, reads the memory of the gang leader and now knows just how deep this corruption goes.

Renewed energy ripples through all of the Counters who hurry off, while Gelly returns to Pil-gwang and updates him on Jong-seok’s power. Pi-gwang isn’t bothered though and laughs it off. In fact, he’s confident that Ju-seok is going to make things a lot more interesting for them. Furthermore, Pil-gwang reassures Gelly by telling her that the Counters haven’t discovered their current hideout so they should be fine.

Mo-tak does his research at the police station and learns more about Gelly. She has dual citizenship in both Korea and the US. She was also convicted of murder in Korea, and escaped from a mental asylum 7 years back. She entered China 2 years ago, which happens to be around the time of the Baekdu scam too. They don’t have any information on Pil-gwang just yet though.

Mo-tak is determined to use this information to try and incriminate the right people for the Baekdu Scam, and simultaneously help Ju-seok as well.

Elsewhere, Ha-na heads out with Do-hwi, which makes Jeok-bong jealous as he’s accompanied by Mae-ok and sees Ha-na and Do-hwi getting close by the claw machine.

While this is going on, Mo-tak gets a lead and heads out with Mun to the local laundromat. After shutting off the cameras, they break the lock and investigate. Inside, they find a computer, along with a money machine. Unfortunately, as soon as they touch the computer it deletes all the files. Someone rushes out, prompting the pair to give chase but they lose him as he speeds off on a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Gelly breaks into the prison after-hours. She approaches Ju-seok’s cell with Pil-gwang and they let him out. The pair effortlessly take out the guards without them even so much as raising the alarm.

Ju-seok attempts to demand the truth from Pil-gwang but he forces the guy down on his knees. After kicking and taunting him, Pil-gwang demands that he accept the truth and embrace his dark power.

And unfortunately, with Pil-gwang’s words ringing in his ears, Ju-seok does just that, coming in the form of a metaphorical kiss in his subconscious mind. Ju-seok awakens in the hospital wing, with the bullies around him. Ju-seok has frightening powers now though, and he makes short work of the  He now has frightening strength and makes short work of them.

Elsewhere, Mun sketches out the tattoo on the guy who escaped on a motorcycle the night before. It seems to be flowers with the number 37 above. Mo-tak encourages him not to give up and is convinced his partner will find something with that tattoo.

When Mun shows up at the prison that day, he has no idea that Ju-seok has embraced his darkness. Ju-seok lets himself out of prison effortlessly, just as the alarm wails. Ju-seok waltzes into the yard, killing any guard that comes near him and showing off his incredible power. He literally jumps over the walls and right in front of So Mun.

Mun is shocked as he looks into Ju-seok’s eyes and notices that he’s been possessed. Ju-seok has been embraced by an evil spirit and as the pair stare one another down, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The Uncanny Counter returns and for the first half of this episode, it really does feel like a filler. There’s not a whole lot of plot development, while the instances with Jeok-bong and introducing him into the group properly, counteracts with the darker tone. Other episodes have handled this quite well but this chapter doesn’t quite manage it.

Ultimately, we spend almost the entire time waiting for the inevitable to happen. We know Ju-seok is going to turn to the dark side, and aside from Gelly learning about Jeok-bong’s power, and Ju-seok finally embracing the spirit, there’s not a whole lot else worth writing home about.

We’ve got this subplot with Ha-na involved with her old piano buddy, while Mun spends a lot of time with Ju-seok’s mum and sorting things out at prison. However, in all of this not one of these Counters even considers the fact that Ju-seok could be possessed. I appreciate that Mun does get it at the end (only after seeing the red eyes I might add), it surely would have crossed their minds right?

Aside from this, it’s clear that Uncanny Counter is prepping for bigger things to come, and the ending hints that the final showdown between Ju-seok and Mun is going to be a crazy one.

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