The Twelve – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The End?

Who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying? And who is really responsible for the two murders? We’re about to find out in the season 1 finale of The Twelve!

2 Years Ago

The episode begins with Britt sitting infront of the camera and removing her necklace. After making sure blood is stained around her nose, she composes herself before recording that familial video we’ve seen before.

Before Court

Delphine cowers in the bathroom and struggles to breathe after Mike grabbed her the previous evening. Not knowing what to do, she phones Noel and eventually Mike is taken away in handcuffs for his actions.

Noel rushes over in the midst of this happening and stays with Delphine, putting the kids to bed for her while she heads down to the station to give a statement. When she returns, they both share a bed but nothing sexual takes place.

Fri meanwhile arrives to court in handcuffs amidst an angry crowd of people calling her guilty.

The Courtroom – Britt’s Murder

Fri stands up and gives an impassioned plea to the jury, telling them she misses Rose very much. As she sits down, unable to control her tears anymore, the jury begin their very difficult job of trying to determine whether Fri actually is guilty of killing both Britt and Rose. The court is adjourned for now until the jury can make a decision. It doesn’t need to be unanimous but it does need to be a majority vote.

The first question comes from Britt’s murder. Arnold speaks his piece and they discuss the video and its validity. He questions whether the entire thing was orchestrated while Carl remains hung up on the topic of Fri mentioning the gunshot to the neck.

After an intense series of discussions, they all cast their votes on a slip of paper over whether they believe Fri is guilty or not. Unfortunately they fail to reach a majority meaning it falls to the court to decide.

The Courtroom – Rose’s Murder

Arnold challenges the room over whether Fri is being used as a scapegoat for Rose’s murder. Specifically, they point toward the cut made to Rose’s neck. Given it wasn’t intended to be fatal, it throws some serious questions into the fold regarding just what the motive was here. After a lengthy discussion, they all cast their vote over Rose.

The Verdict

The jury and court come to a decision and find Fri guilty of Britt’s murder but not guilty for Rose’s death. For now, they deliberate over her sentencing but she’s taken away from court clearly angry and upset. On the way out the door, she curses Stefan and hints that he was responsible for what happened that night.

While the different jury members head back to their lives, Fri is left to stew over the 3 hours she wasn’t in the home video footage – which is what eventually swung the vote against her.

Stefan’s window is smashed by a brick and upon seeing this, lashes out and hits Margot in the face. She questions whether he even went to the theaters and claims his story doesn’t add up as she walks away.

Two Years Earlier – The Real Story

Stefan bought his movie ticket and left the screening. Only, it turns out he actually did so with the intent of wooing the vendor but instead finds out she had a boyfriend. Cursing his luck, he walked home and saw the police car outside his house. This part of his story at least holds some weight.

Spaak meanwhile heads back to Fri’s house and finds the black gloves in a storybook. This storybook is the same one she was reading to Rose in a picture he has of her. Within the pages, he also finds Britt’s necklace too. It turns out Fri was the one who filmed Britt in the attic and she was also the one who smashed the glass and hurt Rose.

Present Day – The End

While Yuri heads to the station and gives his statement over what happened , Holly stands at the doorway waiting for him. Noel continues to try and control his addiction while Delphine packs up her stuff and leaves Mike for good. Carl meanwhile finally rekindles his father/daughter relationship with Juliette while Arnold drives off on his scooter, which ends the last episode of The Twelve.

The Review Write-Up

So it turns out Fri was the one who was guilty after all. To be honest, this reveal is a little underwhelming and does throw some serious questions around just why Fri hurt Rose in the first place. At a guess I’d imagine this was done as a deliberate ploy to make Stefan look like a bad Father but this wasn’t fully developed as much as it perhaps could be.

The different jurors all played their part though and there’s a nice ending for everyone here as they go about their lives and return to normality (or at least as normal as these people’s lives could be given what we’ve seen!) As a minor gripe though, Arnold probably deserved a better ending but aside from that, the series closes out most of its story beats in a decent enough fashion.

Whether The Twelve will be renewed for a second season remains to be seen but for now the show bows out with a conclusive enough ending, even if Fri being the killer feels like a bit of a disappointing way to end this one.

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