The Swarm – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Swarm begins with a press conference helmed by Dr Cecile Roche. She is briefing the ICPO about her findings based on the events of the last few weeks. The interconnectedness of the infected lobsters, the windfall of crabs, and the tsunami cannot be ignored anymore. Her findings and bold statements are broadcast to most of our main characters. Sigur and Charlie, who are still reeling from their miraculous escape and the loss of Tina and Jess, take urgent note. Loen, Professor Lehmann, and Alicia listen intently. Samantha Crowe, the astrophysicist whom Leon endorsed for the job, is also present.

Roche suggests that all these actions are deliberate. She cannot explain how or what is causing them to synchronize. But the data evidently correlates with that reality. The Council watches in disbelief as there is a sense of chaos in the room. Sigur, however, feels Roche is getting at something conclusive. He phones Sato, who is also present, to put him in touch with both Roche and Leon. Sato, desperate to find answers to the riddles of the ocean, agrees. Back in Canada, Leon tries to warn Kit and Jack to move inland. The fishermen are still near the coastal areas and if any event of the magnitude of the tsunami were to happen, they wouldn’t have enough time.

But the duo want to stay as long as they can. Roche and Sigur set a meeting for the next day at the IMB in Kiel. They both agree to discuss the possibility of the events being strategically planned. Roche event theorizes that whoever is doing this is “learning” from previous events. The infected lobsters were brought to shore by fishermen. But the crabs washed ashore themselves. It is like the “Avengers Assemble” moment of the series as all the protagonists arrive at the IMB: Leon, Charlie, Sigur, and Roche. They try to convince Lehmann about their theory. Sigur mentions the unexplored existence of a sentient being; an intelligence. This unexplained being is behind all the attacks which are coordinated.

Lehmann is in disbelief. She does not give her endorsement to Sigur’s presentation that he will be making to the Council to fund a research project. She vehemently rejects the idea of starting away from her learning and training for years to believe in scientific evidence. Charlie’s attempts to personally convince Lehmann are also not effective. Sigur informs Sato of the developments who is not too concerned with Lehmann’s absence on the team. Rahim and Roche are of the belief that the being’s actions are defensive and not aggressive. Leon’s story about the symbol his mother gave him for his undying curiosity gives Sigur the inspiration to call the being “Yrr,” for now. 

Sigur leads the presentation in front of the Council, who are not convinced by the idea. They are sceptical of the team’s motivations, especially the part where funding comes into play. Their connections to Mifune Industries and Hovestad make the Council suspect there is foul play involved. More significantly, they do not believe that the theory has any legs. Sigur establishes the main objective of the mission to make contact with the being and ask it to stop. Samantha reveals to Alicia and Leon that the sounds they picked up from the ocean are variations of sounds recorded in ERIEL’s database. 

The same sounds are found to have been emitted in the Arctic region as well. Mifune, who was also listening to Sigur’s presentation, proposes to fund the entire research project. He cites his consciousness as the big reason to investigate the phenomena as it is the ocean that has made him his fortune. Sigur briefs Charlie, Rahim, Dr Roche, Samantha, Alicia, and Leon about the plan forward. He gives them the opportunity to back out of the mission, which he concedes carries inherent danger. They have no idea who they’re up against and how their journey will go in the ocean.

All of them are encouraged to spend time with and consult their loved ones before making the decision. Rahim is the only one who decides to back out. The rest spend worthy moments with their families and partners before making the journey. 

The Episode Review

What a great episode to bring everything together. All the events were strategically placed in the previous episodes leading up to this moment. Episode 6 had the perfect balance of urgency, exposition, and storytelling that sets up an intriguing meeting between humans and “the swarm.” I will be honest; until the last episode, it did not seem likely that the show could mount a challenge. The opportunity had probably been missed with no tangible sense of characters or story.

But this episode has turned the tables to some extent. Sigur and Charlie have the biggest motivation to take the riskiest of decisions. Their arcs are the most complete and indulge viewers more than the others. Mifune’s “change of heart” was baffling and arguably the only thing I did not like about the episode. Other than that, The Swarm might be gearing up for a strong finish after an uninspired start and a dull middle part.

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