The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Episode 4 begins with Manicia requesting Rud to read her the paper, and they discover that a labyrinth has been found in their town. She also questions him about his relationship with Nin, and he reveals that she is not a hindrance, and he prefers to stay single.

The scene switches to Fille as she briefs the team about taking down the Chameleon Kong spotted there. Rud reveals his new sword, and another adventurer mocks him for being an F-rank. Nin backs him up for being incredibly strong. Rud explains that he hasn’t updated his rank to attract less attention.

Just then, a Chameleon Kong attacks them abruptly. Rud uses his Provoke ability to draw the attention of the beast while the others attack it. Suddenly, two more Chameleon Kongs arrive, making it more challenging. They split up into groups and take down the beasts.

The adventurer apologizes for his rude comments. The defeated beasts perish, leaving behind a gemstone. They spot a labyrinth entrance. That night, they celebrate the discovery of the new labyrinth as it may contribute to the prosperity of the town. Nin explains to Luna the complexities of having a labyrinth in town.

The next day, Rud comes across two adventurers from rival clans arguing and breaks up their fight. They realize his level and offer him to join them, but he declines. He then gets called by Mr. Vuild.

Reaching the headquarters, Mr. Vuild offers him two options: either to become a clan leader or head into the labyrinth and destroy it. On his way back, Rud contemplates destroying the labyrinth to take care of Manicia.

On his way, Luna calls him to see Manicia urgently. Reaching there, he realizes she is under the weather, as usual. He realizes if he becomes the clan leader, he will have to be away from Manicia, but he still needs to find the wish-granting secret treasure to cure her.

He calls a meeting with Luna and Nin and expresses his thoughts on destroying the labyrinth. They, however, offer to help him run the clan so he can continue looking for the treasure at the end of The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Episode 4.

The Episode Review

The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Episode 4 showcases the groundbreaking discovery of a new labyrinth in the town. The chapter intricately presents the pros and cons of the new labyrinth entering the town, simulating the advent of a new industry in a contemporary city. Alongside the advantages, there are several disadvantages, such as the potential increase in crime rates in developing cities.

The situation creates an intriguing crossroads for Rud as he must now choose between assuming the role of the clan leader or continuing his journey as an adventurer to uncover the secret treasure that could cure his sister’s illness. Everything progresses smoothly as he is surrounded by supportive friends who are willing to share his burdens.

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