The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Return to Avancia

The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Episode 2 begins with Rud arriving in Avancia with Luna. He is instantly greeted by Milena and Fille, and Rud introduces them to Luna. Following that, he takes Luna home and meets Manicia. Manicia prepares a delicious meal for them, but Rud is concerned that she is straining herself. Rud also explains to Luna that Manicia’s hair reflects her emotions.

During lunch, Luna is unable to eat with a spoon and becomes incredibly embarrassed. Manicia calms her down and teaches her the right way. Over the next few days, Luna learns how to cook from Manicia.

Manicia decides to take Luna out and show her the town with Rud. She gives her one of her dresses to wear, but Manicia insists she can do it on her own. Rud realizes it is probably because of the Gemstone in her chest.

Rud takes her to the blacksmith and then to the Monstrous farm. The kids are surprised to see Rud with a girl and tease him about having a girlfriend. Just then, Gigi arrives and sends the kids back to work. Hearing this, Luna recalls her slave treatment days and becomes incredibly scared. However, Gigi treats her with kindness. She shows her the monstrous farms, and they have a lot of fun.

On the way back, Luna breaks down and reveals to Rud that she is a Homunculus and not a human. Rud claims he had already seen the gemstone and figured it out. He explains that he saved her because her eyes were like his sister’s. Returning home, she tells Manicia the truth as well, and Manicia reassures her that it is alright.

The next day they go to the mansion. Luna helps them clean up, and Manicia prepares tea. Following that, Rud decides to practice fighting with the local fighters to use his newly discovered skills. He faces Fille in his first battle and takes multiple attacks on his shield and then unleashes all the pent-up energy into one powerful attack. The attack drains out all of Fille’s absorb shield.

Manicia realizes how great her brother is but looks down on herself. Later that night, she has a nightmare of the day her parents left her to die from her disease. Rud returns for her and reassures her that he will take care of her at the end of The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Episode 2.

The Episode Review

The Strongest Tank’s Labyrinth Raids Episode 2 depicts Rud and Luna returning to Avancia and enjoying their first few days there. Luna meets with Manicia and finds a friend in her, while also getting to explore the town. Rud, on the other hand, gets to practice his newly discovered skill, allowing him to participate in offence during battles.

The chapter doesn’t offer much apart from a handful of incidents. It is a filler episode and has no significant action sequences, subplots, or anything important to plot development.

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