The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 22 Recap & Review

The Simpsons

Homer’s Adventure Through the Windshield Glass

As the latest Simpsons episode starts, we see Homer outside of a bank fuming at Marge for reasons unknown.

While sending an angry text message to Marge while driving, he rams his car into a fire hydrant. Since his car doesn’t have a seatbelt or airbags (he took them out for a makeshift hammock), he flies through the windshield into the air. While he is still in the air, Maggie’s Elf Doll called Goobie-Woo (voiced by Lizzo) pops up to take him on a journey of self-reflection. As an analyst of his psyche, Goobie-Woo commands him to gaze into the pieces of glass, and the journey begins.

The projection shows Homer at a bank requesting a safe deposit box. He is told that Marge has already got a safe deposit with the bank. Homer gets to know that Marge’s dad had a will, according to which, Marge is entitled to receive $1000 every month. Homer is understandably heartbroken due to Marge’s financial infidelity, but Goobie-Woo tells him to get a grip on himself.

As Homer continues to argue with the elf, Lisa and Bart pop up in the pieces of glass mocking him that even they knew about Marge’s secret money.

Homer imagines the worst, thinking Marge must be spending the money on luxury. However, Goobie-Woo reveals that Marge has used every penny for his sake, and decided not to talk about it so his male pride is intact.

Homer is at peace again, but then he sees another projection on a piece of glass where Marge’s dad makes damning comments about Homer. Elf reveals Homer has become a ghost.

Subsequently, Homer goes to hell for committing sins throughout his lifetime. The supervisor of hell informs Homer that his punishment is to be boiled in a lake of blood. As usual, Homer is unaffected. While wandering about in hell, Homer spots his father-in-law. He immediately loses it and starts thrashing him. The fight is broken off by hell-dwellers.

Later, Marge’s father shows a projection to Homer of the time Lisa came with her boyfriend to ask for his approval. In no time, Homer realizes every father is protective of his daughter, and for the most part, there is nothing wrong with it. Due to the epiphany he experiences, he is gifted his life back. Back in Springfield, Marge asks Homer the reason behind the angry text. Homer doesn’t say anything.

The Episode Review

Hands down, it’s the most engaging Simpsons episode this season. As usual, the ingredients consist of fantastical imagination, family feuds, and an important moral message. The episode grabs your attention just as it starts and doesn’t let go until the end. However, the bit in hell is a standout and some may even find it to be the best portion of the narrative. In addition, Lizzo captivates as the voice of the elf.

All in all, the finale has managed to fan our hopes high for next year despite it being a bland season overall. Hopefully, the old magic will be back in upcoming seasons.

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