These Fast Times – The Road To Hell Is Paved In Good Intentions | Album Review

Track List

White Lies
Sweaty Eyes
Empty Cup
Little Red Tent
Wanted Dead
The Disconnect


This pop punk band takes a melodic approach, confirming their stance as progressive musicians, crafting songs of purpose, and detailing through the lyrics they choose to write stories of discontent.

These Fast Times portray a sense of longing, undesirable feelings, and conflicts, as their music becomes their base and their calling. The Road To Hell Is Paved In Good Intentions is an EP full of chords and chaotic memories, describing the world at its most vulnerable.

Gritty in its delivery, the record isn’t hard to fathom but it has its technicalities. The songs progress at an impressive speed, and the guitars sound tweaked to fit the pop punk method. The band know they’re hurt too, and when listening to this admirable blast, you’ll even hear these 4 guys try their hardest to take on their demons head first. And on this EP, the band don’t moan about the state of decay, they only want to try to keep their world spinning.

Everything is intact here, and in These Fast Times, the band know they’ve created something original, and a record dutifully attached to the pop punk style, with other components thrown in.

‘White Lies’ starts off the record with an acoustic sound, baring some hope until the vocals chime in. It’s a melodic start and it’s truly on point, solidifying the pop punk drama.

‘Empty Cup’ is a raucous song, featuring sturdy vocals and technical chords. Misery beckons here, and the band knows this. ‘The Disconnect’ opens with a bass line that brings forth a frenzy, and the notes of courage become wrapped around the lampposts of hell. This is a swansong deeply worthy of such.

These Fast Times give their all here, and proceed through the streets of their own heartache, trying to prevail.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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