The Road: The Tragedy Of One – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Episode 10 of The Road: The Tragedy Of One begins with Eun-Soo saying goodbye to Jang-Ho in the church. She believes they should go their separate ways, eventually leaving him to wallow in his own thoughts.

Meanwhile, Soo-Hyun remains vigilant and investigates Lee Mi-Do. It turns out during the dark dining date Jang-Ho wasn’t feeling well. Mi-Do stepped in and decided to relay all of Jang-Ho’s movements to the workers. Through this, Soo-Hyun deduces that Jang-Ho wasn’t actually there that night. Or, more specifically, during the times of 8.40 and 11.05pm – the same time-frame of course that resulted in Joon-Young being killed.

As he continues to investigate, Soo-Hyun learns that Mi-Do was working at Jegang group three years prior too. Now, with this in mind it seems like Jang-Ho kidnapped the wrong child that night, meaning to grab his son Yeon-Woo, and panicked when he learned the truth. He then killed the child and disposed of the body around 12.45am – the revised time that Soo-Hyun was given.

Now, it seems all of this would only have been possible to achieve if Chairman Seo was involved, and therein lies the real kicker. There’s something still being hidden here but for now, it remains a secret. However, it’s hard to discredit this solid theory.

Day 9 rolls round and the chairman orders Jung-Wook to leave the country. Even Director Bae is blanking him – but he’s had enough.

At the same time, Seok-Hyun interrogates Tae-Seob again, who claims he was with Nam-Kyu where they traded investment advice. Now, given Nam-Kyu is testifying against him, Seo-Hyun checks his alibi and realizes that Nam-Kyu left the hotel just after 10pm. Through this, Seok-Hyun starts to doubt what he’s been told in these statements.

After Soo-Hyun’s bad dream, he suddenly remembers checking his phone that night just before he tripped at the abandoned building. The time read 1.08am. Now, Jang-Ho was involved in the car accident at 1.14am which means there may well be another accomplice out there. Soo-Hyun remains determined to figure out who this is and shows up at the radio station, sifting trough the CCTV footage for clues.

Kang Ja-Yeol agrees to stall for time, although he’s quick to point out how risky this actually is. After all, Seo-Young and Yeo-Jin are in the diving seat here. However, Soo-Hyun does notice Mi-Do on the CCTV cameras acting suspicious. Given she’s with Jang-Ho at the time, it shows that his alibi from that day doesn’t hold up.

On his way out the building, Yeo-Jin corners Soo-Hyun and suggests he head off to Singapore for a conference for two weeks. It’s a last ditch effort to get rid of Soo-Hyun but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Instead, she puts out the order to fire Soo-Hyun and shut down his team.

Soo-Hyun doesn’t care but he does try and gain Seok-Hyun’s help. In doing so, he drops the bombshell news about Kim Hyun-Seo. In the past, it was he who threw the body in the water. He wants to try and make amends, determined to repent for his actions in the past by solving this case. Despite initially refusing, news of the Yeongsan Kidnapping Case spreading soon changes Seok-Hyun’s tone and he agrees to help.

Meanwhile, an enraged and determined Jung-Wook heads off to see the Chairman and threatens him with a gun. Seo simply laughs it off, although Jung-Wook is understandably angry that he’s made his Mum out to be a victim.

Another victim here is Eun-Soo, although for very different reasons. She’s upset about the kidnapping case affecting Yeon-Woo and decides to dig up her family’s medical records.

This brings us along nicely to day 10 of this investigation. Eun-Soo obtains the medical records while Jang-Ho is visited by Seo-Hyun. He makes a short joke about Mi-Do – which goes down like a ton of bricks – before deciding he should head to the station for a statement. Only, Seok-Hyun happens to be working with Soo-Hyun. who takes the opportunity to break into Jang-Ho’s place and look around.

The house is a shrine to Eun-Soo, with numerous pictures hanging up in the front room. There’s also a wedding band ring and a projector with numerous slides depicting Eun-Soo and Jang-Ho together. As he continues to search, haunted by memories of the past, he uncovers crucial evidence that points toward Jang-Ho being thee one responsible for killing Joon-Young…but did he really?

The Episode Review

The Road: Tragedy of One returns with a pretty dramatic chapter, one that starts to see everything slide into place. It seems likely that Jang-Ho, Mi-Do and Chairman Seo are all in this together and presumably the ones responsible for killing Joon-Young.

Seeing Seok-Hyun passed out/killed by an electric shock off-screen is a little disappointing but the show does do well to dramatically present Jang-Ho as much more sinister than we first thought.

This mystery has been a tad too complicated at times though, and there’s an awful lot of moving parts in this that sometimes makes it difficult to remember everything week to week. However, this has undoubtedly been a gripping watch and the show has some fantastic cinematography too. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next but moving into the final week, there’s lots left to unwrap.

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