The Resident – Season 6 Episode 8 “The Better Part of Valor” Recap & Review

The Better Part of Valor

Episode 8 of The Resident season 6 starts with the doctors at an award gala where Randolph is being awarded the Lifetime Of Service award. Randolph approaches the podium to accept the award and a man sneaks up and serves him legal papers.

The next morning, Conrad and Cade discuss dinner plans and Cade is excited to go on a real date with her man. Their morning coffee date is cut short by the arrival of a young boy, Malik who they suspect has overdosed on drugs. His friend, Tally gives Conrad one of the pills the boy took and tells him that Malik has an older brother who is also on drugs.

Conrad tries to get Malik’s brother on the phone to warn him not to take the drugs while Cade tries to get in touch with the parents. Unfortunately, Malik’s brother is not picking up the phone so Conrad visits his school. Upon arriving he finds two boys who have fainted and he administers first aid but one of the boys doesn’t make it. He spots Malik’s brother who fell on the stairs and hit his head. They rush the boys to Chastain but Malik’s brother’s condition is dire.

Meanwhile, Randolph is preparing for the suit and Kit asks him to postpone the deposition. She is worried that the Governor is coming for Randolph’s career but Randolph thinks he can handle it. Randolph refuses to back down and tells her they didn’t make a mistake in Claire’s case and he won’t scare easily.

At the deposition, it is clear that Castigan, the Governor’s brother who is the lawyer handling the suit is on a witchhunt. He manages to rattle both Pravesh and Randolph and the board of directors think it would be best if he settles the case. Castigan refuses their offer to settle and Kit goes to meet the Governor in hopes of a reconciliation. After her meeting with him, she realizes that the Governor is hellbent on ruining Randolph and not willing to compromise. Randolph also figures out that Donald is the Governor’s mole.

The Governor is planning to use Randolph’s medical condition to blame him for Claire’s death. He has also hired private detectives to speak to Randolph’s former patient to find more leverage in his revenge plan.

On the other hand, Dr Sullivan is struggling with his addiction and tries to steal pills from the kids who were brought in due to overdose. Luckily, he fails and he opts to steal medicine in the OR and is almost caught by a nurse. He realizes he has hit a new low and texts, Cade, to meet him in his office.

He admits to her that he has been using drugs and tries to make excuses and rationalize his addiction. Cade tells him to stop the excuses and he tries to get her to enable and ensnare her into writing him prescriptions. Cade gives him an ultimatum and tells him he has to go to rehab or she will report him. After a few tussles, Sullivan agrees to go but on one condition, she can’t tell anyone even Conrad. Cade agrees and promises to lie for him one last time. She lies to Conrad and cancels their dinner plans so that she can drive her dad to a rehab centre.

Elsewhere, AJ and Billie rush against time to save Malik’s brother. His fall caused him to suffer head trauma and the surgery proves to be difficult. After the long surgery, AJ and Conrad bond over the fact that it can be terrifying to raise kids and how they worry as parents.

Later, Randolph asks Conrad for a favour but he is turned down. He wanted Conrad to prescribe him some medication as he is experiencing a flare-up. Conrad is a stickler for rules sometimes and asks him to wait for his doctor to get back from his conference.

The Episode Review

It is a big relief that Sullivan is seeking help and Cade is willing to get him the treatment. For the past weeks, his addiction unraveled making viewers anxious. He is lucky that he didn’t hurt patients when he was high.

The Governor is being a petty man with this witch-hunt but he underestimated what Kit is willing to do to save Randolph’s career. It will be interesting to see what villain charms he will bring to the table and how Randolph and Kit will handle yet another problem. Seriously, what happened to, ‘And they lived happily ever after’?!

It is concerning that Randolph is asking Conrad to prescribe his medication and he is hiding his flare-up from Kit. Is there more going on with him?

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