The Politician – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Review

The Throuple

Episode 2 of The Politician Season 2 starts with Astrid meeting Hadassah again to discuss Payton after finding out he has met with a New York Times reporter. Hadassah is planning to have dinner with the same reporter to tell her all about Payton’s threesome so she asks Astrid to make sure it’s recorded.

Meanwhile, Andrew brings a recording of Dede announcing to Hadassah that William is back in their lives and is there to stay. Hadassah is furious and claims that this will destroy them. She berates her for her actions, especially as she has sacrificed all her life for her. She walks out on her but comes back the next day with a plan; she suggests claiming that her and William have been a couple for three years.

Later on, Dede eventually has to break the news to Marcus and William. The former is not happy with the new situation but William agrees to go along with it as he knows it is for the best. They then arrange for William and Hadassah to be seen by paparazzi as they head into her apartment. After a shaky start, both start to get to know each other and bond.

In Payton’s office, McAfee and James starts arguing about the campaign. Skye tries to diffuse the argument but McAfee starts crying when she realizes that their friendship triangle is toxic and she needs to detach herself from them.

Later that night, Astrid and Payton meet and talk about River. Astrid mentions how she still thinks of him everyday but her memories are a little blurred because of all the pills she used to take. She then asks him to tell her all about their threesome in detail. He relays the time they met in a hotel but reveals that no one actually had sex that day. Payton also tells her that he really wasn’t attracted to River, he just wanted to be close to him.

She ends the evening by kissing him and suggesting they become an item as River loved them both. Payton refuses though, telling her that River is gone. After Astrid leaves, Alice suddenly appears as she has been following Astrid all week. She tells him they shouldn’t trust her as she has been seen with Hadassah and decides that they should start an affair with her for now.

At the same time, McAfee’s date doesn’t go to plan when she finds both Skye and James at the same play. Payton and Alice meet with Astrid to reveal that they would like to have sex with her and she agrees to it, while William tells Hadassah he wants to make love to her as she is the only one who has made him feel this special in a long time.

Determined to come out on top, Dede speaks to Tino and comes clean about her throuple. She tells him that they could use it as an advantage to gain the young people’s vote as they are all fluid. She has done a secret poll and the numbers are good. Tino agrees to it but only if the numbers are up.

Astrid heads to see Hadassah to tell her that there was no threesome as she doesn’t remember anything. Hadassah sees right through her though and knows she is lying so she fires her while Payton and Alice realize that their plan is working when they receive a text from Astrid, asking to have dinner with them.

After giving out another speech about climate change, Payton and his staff find out that Dede is to make an important announcement; on TV she comes clean about her throuple and manages to spin it to her advantage. She later meets with Hadassah, Marcus and William as the results show that she is up 6 points thanks to earlier revelation.

Hadassah tells her she wishes she had looked at all the facts before coming out. The episode then ends with William announcing that he doesn’t want to be the third wheel anymore and that he loves Hadassah as he is her one and only.

The Politician has so far wasted little time with more dramatic moments and twists already after two episodes. Surprising everyone, Dede uses her relationship to her advantage which seems to be working. Unfortunately, her lover William now hasĀ  other plans as he has fallen for Hadassah. This was quite the surprising twist which I am sure will create more trouble in the upcoming episodes.

The cast continues to deliver great chemistry and fun moments too, while also tackling some important themes surroundingĀ  climate change and how the younger generation want to make changes on outdated beliefs. So far so good, The Politician’s second season continues to deliver the goods.


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