The Ongoing Concept – Again | Album Review

the ongoing concept album

Track Listing

Amends Again
Feel Again
Failures And Fakes Again
You Will Go Again
Prisoner Again
Melody Again
Unwanted Again
Saloon Again
Falling Again


Ferocity does make its way to the forefront of the LP by the Ongoing Concept as the band screams for closure away from life’s struggles and love’s downward spiral. Classy though, the outfit directs their authentic sound to the people who wish to listen and take in the band’s aura. By breathing new life into their music, the band break conventions, dialling in post-hardcore elements with powerful rock influences.

Passion outweighs popularity on this release, as the Ongoing Concept has created a record of flair and imagination, and nothing seems to be lacking here even when those demented screams come in. Quirky guitar lines also create dynamic noises, proving the band is clever at making artful contributions that are diverse and accessible.

Take ‘Amends Again,’ for example. The soaring vocals merge seamlessly with the full-throttled guitars, and the screams almost sound demonic in the song. That doesn’t impair the track’s impact, but they actually elevate the song’s appeal.

‘Prisoner Again’ comes in with buzz-saw-like guitars and empowering vocals, piecing together an interesting story. The song then falls into a subtle motion, though that’s short-lived. It’s a highlight.

‘Unwanted Again’ has poppy elements, and this track is a mismatch, exploring different avenues that don’t quite click. It’s a misstep on an album that entices.

‘Falling Again’ opens with solemness, and the acoustics take the swansong to the next level. Lyrically, pessimism strikes hard, while the vocals drench the song in honesty.

The Ongoing Concept delivers an album full of truths that litter every aspect, though the music has a gracious quality.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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