The Menzingers – Some Of It Was True | Album Review

Track Listing

Hope Is A Dangerous Thing 
There Is No Place In The World For Me 
Nobody Stays 
Some Of It Was True 
Come On, Heartache 
Take It To Your Heart 
Love At The End
Alone In Dublin 
High Low
I Didn’t Miss You (Until You Were Gone) 

Is the world such a glorious place? Yes, it has idyllic places when you look for them, but there’s more dirt than glamour, more decay than radiance. Pain comes in thick. Hope desires strength to carry its snapping bones, and when the dreams turn into graphic nightmares, then you know you’re onto a losing battle.  

If you don’t have a lynchpin or anyone to tell you that you’re saveable, then your only route is down drunken alleyways filled in with notorious graffiti, painted in red and detailed in scriptures showing inevitable doom. On the other side, there are green pastures, blooming fantasies, and people buying their first home, while being guided by angels in normal clothes.  

In comes this band, which screams and shouts for their memories to mean something. That band is The Menzingers, and they’re on the ropes but still putting out music that people hold dearly. Some Of It Was True is their venture, an album highlighting grit and the unsurmountable task of feeling sane and safe. Musically, the band does well, and the riffs are stable, sturdy and technical, placing the act onto the punk pedestal once more.  

There are 13 songs on this LP.

‘There’s No Place In The World For Me’ is a sobering track, a song that uses well-made guitar riffs and a story which breaks the heart. That chorus is pivotal.  

‘Come On, Heartache’ is an acoustic ballad, perfected by a voice of reason and direct lyrics which hit like a shot of adrenaline. It’s one of those tracks that has been masterminded by a band that has seen it all, the blood and the guts.  

‘Alone In Dublin’ is a rock track, executed with sheer focus and talent. The misery still lingers, and the guitars still ring true. Featuring such emotion, the song doesn’t lose its relevance.  

The Menzingers guide us into their alcohol-drenched world, though they still have the talent to outdo the poison.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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