The Matchmakers – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

I Think I Am An Agent of Love!

Episode 3 of The Matchmakers begins with Minister Jo saying a country is ruled by the nobility. Park So-hyun, his wife adds the nation is of women as they are the foundation and the ones really in power.

Despite the bookseller’s warning that Jung-woo may be dangerous, Soon-deok agrees to help him. But they both have conditions before signing the contract – Jung-woo says the wedding should happen in June and the grooms should be old bachelors. Soon-deok’s only condition is that he follow her lead. His chest aches on seeing her smile and Bong jokes that Jung-woo is in love with her.

Meanwhile, Yeoju-daek refuses to meet Park So-hyun as Matchmaker Yeojudaek. Soon-deok wonders if it is due to the rumour that So-hyun killed her first son’s wife for the Title of Womanly Honour. Yeoju-daek looks uncomfortable and turns out she is indeed the wife and only the bookseller knows. Elsewhere, a haggard-looking nobleman searches for her. But his only lead is the powder she sells.

Yeoju-daek finally gives in and easily convinces Park So-hyun to match Ye-jin with the Lee boy. Delighted to merge with the opposing party, So-hyun tells the second queen that marrying Lee’s family will help Prince Jinsung’s influence. She also notices Jung-woo and offhandedly comments that he can be a dangerous enemy even though he is on their side. At home, Soon-deok’s kid hides because he is scared of thunder and Ye-jin indulges him. 

Meanwhile, the Ming merchant sells the silkworm poison to someone before Jung-woo arrives. He asks a lot of questions and is threatened much to his surprise. Bong quietly buys the poison and Jung-woo learns that its effects are similar to his dead wife’s symptoms but no one believes him. 

At home, the Defence Minister and Jo discuss poisoning the Crown Prince when Soon-deok asks about dinner. The Defence Minister panics that she may have overheard but Jo writes her off.

The next day, on their way to the Maengs, Soon-deok and Jung-woo have an eventful journey. Soon-deok mocks him for riding a donkey but then saves him for horse riders. She again saves him from a barking dog. He trips and panics when she touches his ankle to help him. He shouts at her for her lack of decorum and she compares him to the pathetic Prince Gyeong (aka Jung-woo) and he sulks. 

Meanwhile, Soon-deok’s brother, Inspector Jung Soon-gu arrests Hwa Rok by pretending to be a fan. She accidentally falls and they kiss. In the confusion, she runs and he chases her.

Jung-woo and Soon-deok meet daughter 1, Ha-na and Madam Maeng who is blind. He tries to convince them but they are steadfast. Doo-ri, daughter 2 shows up to kick them out when Hwa Rok runs in.

In a flashback, Jung-woo faints on first learning that Hwa Rok is daughter 3, Sam-soon. They then concoct a plan – he will pretend not to report her if the 3 sisters cooperate and marry. However, the plan is foiled when Soon-gu rushes in after her and she hides. Even Soon-deok hides…with Madam Maeng. Soon-gu sees her anyway but doesn’t acknowledge his sister.

Sam-soon shows up as a woman and locks eyes with him before he leaves while Jung-woo’s chest hurts on seeing them interact. Back on track, Sam-soon and Jung-woo enact their plan. Doo-ri swears at him while Ha-na bickers with him about Confucian order and him exploiting Sam-soon’s weakness. Soon-deok suddenly shows up and says she has convinced Madam Maeng.

Turns out, while hiding, she asks Maeng why she wanted her daughters to marry 5 years ago and then changes her mind. Maeng believes that Soon-deok is an Agent of Love, a special spirit who is the only one able to help her daughters find love.

Soon-deok asks Jung-woo to look into it. He refuses, of course, but then secretly researches it. He comes across the Crown Prince who asks if Agents of Love can find him a soulmate.

Agents of Love have a special ability to recognize people’s romantic fate and are extremely rare. At home, Soon-deok reveals to Ye-jin that she has been able to matchmake since she was young and thinks she may be an Angel of Love. She also worries about Ye-jin who is drinking a lot and sees her husband asking her to look after his sister. She tears up.

The Minister of Defence suddenly orders Ha-na to be his concubine. Madam Maeng refuses and is arrested. Jung-woo is not concerned as he has one less daughter to worry about. Soon-deok is furious, wondering if he came up with the plan. At the end of The Matchmakers episode 3, she declares that from that moment onwards, she will thwart his every move so he can’t matchmake the Maengs.

The Episode Review

Hold up! Yeoju-daek is the dead wife they are talking about in The Matchmakers episode 3!? So, maybe the man searching for her may be the husband.

And how cute is the montage of Soon-deok taking care of Jung-woo. It subverts the cool hero protector of the bumbling and clumsy heroine trope. Well, this just makes it entertaining and endearing to see Rowoon in such a role. And it seems that the K-drama is heading into the realm of fantasy with the idea of Agents of Love as Joseon cupids. By the way, new couple alert – Soon-gu and Sam-soon! But why does Soon-gu pretend not to know his own sister?

But is it just us or does Jung-woo have more chemistry with Ha-na than Soon-deok? Ha-na is studious, follows the Confucian order, uses her logic as her defence and is literally the female version of him. Soon-deok is sweet and sure, when she smiles, Jung-woo looks flustered and adorable. But when he and Ha-na bicker, there is a natural spark, even in the previous episode.

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