The Kingdom (El Reino) – Episode 2 “A Man of God” Recap & Review

A Man of God

Episode 2 of The Kingdom Season 1 begins with a haunted Emilio reflecting on the events of the political rally. With blood stained over him and insomnia haunting him, Candia listens intently to his statement.

Candia soon asks about Remigio Cardenas, learning that Emilio actually knows him. He’s well aware of Remigio’s violent history but claims he’s turned a new leaf since discovering religion. Well, when Candia reveals that he’s admitted to murder charges, Emilio looks visibly shook.

As Emilio leaves, he reflects on Remigio’s motivations. It certainly can’t be money, given he’s not driven by this (and the Bible’s teachings about money being the root cause of evil) so what could it be?

When Julio finds out about Remigio’s involvement, he’s flustered too and realizes this could spell big trouble for their business. Elena rallies the entire family, making sure that no one acts out of sorts.

Julio arrives at the church riled up, confronting Tadeo. There, he admits to finding the arsenal of guns in Remigio’s room. Now, Remigio is certainly an oddball and a bit of a wildcard, but Julio is convinced someone bought him out. Tadeo shrugs, a thin smile crossing his face, as he tells Julio to ask Remigio directly if there’s anything going on.

Meanwhile, Elena visits Ana, who happens to be sitting in a hidden room behind her mirror. She frantically starts shredding files. It’s incredibly suspect, and it simply compounds more suspicion on the family that there are multiple secrets being kept here.

Elena next turns her attention to Emilio, who just so happens to be the next available candidate to take over from Armando. His wife claims this is a sign from God, reciting verses from the Bible and promising to stand by Emilio’s side no matter what.

Candia continues to look through the files and CCTV from the political rally. Remember those riots from earlier on? Well, they may Nott have been a coincidence and could well be part of this whole assassination scheme. After all, security was certainly thin on the floor.

However, the officers are interrupted by an erratic Remigio who seems to snap out of his entranced state. He mentions killing Pastor Emilio and goes on to call out for his lawyer Julio Clamens to show up.

The Episode Review

So it seems like Remigio may have been entranced or under some sort of hypnosis before carrying out the killing. It also seems like he was supposed to kill Emilio and not Armando too. This throws even more questions into the mix, leaving lots of tantalizing prospects for the future.

Th shortest episode of the season, chapter 2 ultimately serves as a deep dive into the family and the different secrets and ties they all have. It now seems clear that there’s a dark history and someone is frantically trying to keep all of this in the shadows. What’s with all the documents being shredded? What is Remigio’s deal? And why was Armando killed? Hopefully we find out in the coming episodes!

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