The Journalist – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Right Way Or The Easy Way

Episode 5 of The Journalist begins in the past with Kohei troubled over the recent developments regarding the Olympics. He questions the Prime Minister’s resolve – and immediately regrets his decision. Toyoda is furious afterward and tells him he has a lot to learn about the system. He even makes Kohei apologize in front of everyone for even bringing this up.

Fast forward to the present and it’s Murakami who’s in the hot seat. He brings up the subsidiaries for the Ai as the reason for his inquiries into Toyoda’s history. Toyoda is quick to brush it off though, claiming that the allegations are false.

He doesn’t buy this but grits his teeth and plays along for now. In secret, he speaks to the chief about how Toyoda has defrauded the system but he tells him to drop it. Otherwise, there will be trouble.

Meanwhile, Matsuda’s meeting with Kurosaki doesn’t go to plan. He’s spooked, unwilling to cooperate and pointing out that he has a family. Well, Suzuki obviously has a family too and Matsuda spits this fact back at him. She also sets up a social media profile for Mayumi too, determined to drum up support over social media for her cause.

Matsuda’s good work is reflected by Ryo who shows up at his job interview and speaks from the heart, rather than the robotic responses from the other candidates. He wants to help the oppressed and downtrodden, just like Matsuda has been. It’s a really touching speech and one that’s met with a smile, at least from the Director.

Kurosaki does eventually head back to see Mayumi, apologizing for not having the courage to do what he should have done originally. With a deep bow, he hands over Suzuki’s USB stick and starts crying uncontrollably.

On the stick is an audio confession incriminating everyone attached to this case, along with the original copies of the documents. It’s all meticulously crafted and hopefully enough to incriminate the Prime Minister and those in his cabinet for their involvement with the Eishin Case.

When they head to the newspaper with this huge bit of evidence, the boss decides to run this on the front page of the newspaper the following day. Mayumi is prepared for the storm to come, and remains determined to honour her husband’s memory in the right way.

It’s a massive scoop and one that sees the entire paper rally together to make the front page of the newspaper. The Eishin scandal is front and center – and as big as possible. And because of that, news spreads across to the prosecutors, who decide to carry out a thorough investigation this time.

As for Mayumi, she wants to take them to court and as she enlists the help of a lawyer to make that happen. Toyoda sets to work tightening the screws on his operation too and making sure the media are on their side through this.

Meanwhile, Ryo remains dead-set on his conviction and shows up at another job interview. He tells his prospective employers he wants to make a change to the way news is distributed through the country. His answers allow him to ace the interview and get a job offer.

We then jump forward four months later. Murakami has his concerns over Chief Tada’s instruction. He’s tasked with putting a lid on the corruption and keep private citizens quiet but he has his doubts whether this is even possible. After all, the public are seething with anger over what’s happened and it seems next to impossible to put the lid back on this.

To keep him in line, the Chief blackmails him, claiming he can spin the entire story so that Murakami is the one to take the blame for everything. If that wasn’t enough, the Chief also threatens his family too. This is enough to push Murakami over the edge, breathing heavily in the hallways and at home, threatening to be consumed by the same stress that killed Suzuki.

However, he comes out fighting. This sparks him into action, as he messages Matsuda on social media and decides to do what’s right.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of The Journalist sees all the big puzzle pieces start to fall into line. Murakami has had enough now and it looks like he’s about to team up with Matsuda and fight back against this corrupt, crooked system.

If that wasn’t enough, Ryo looks set to bring a new, fresh vibrancy to the Tuoto news, along with a good amount of courage to stand up against the established hierarchy.

This episode feels like a turning point, and after so many dark clouds and gloomy drama throughout, it looks like we’re finally getting a bit of positivity in the Eishin Case. Let’s hope the gang can work together and blow this one wide open!

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