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Episode 7 of The Innocent Season 1 begins with a deeper look at Kimmy. She was left behind while the other girls slipped away, causing Anibal to unleash his anger on her. He tortured the girl and even cut her fingers off. It’s a horrific scene, and one that sees us learn the truth about Kimmy.

Her real name is Martina Diaz and she always had dreams of being a dancer growing up. Unfortunately none of this goes to plan, and after a horrific time at Anibal’s club, she tries to find alternate work. Getting nowhere, she returns to the club scene, miserable and deflated.

Back in the present, Olivia and Kimmy sit together and discuss their journey. Olivia doesn’t feel safe at the club though and decides to head to Kimmy’s place. In private, Olivia confirms she has the tapes and shows her Tape 27.

Olivia also mentions the text message too, claiming it’s Gallardo’s doing and he’s the one who requested she show up. Only, something doesn’t add up. Could it be that Anibal is still alive and he’s been concocting this whole plan?

Meanwhile, Mat finds himself behind bars. The officer there refuses to talk though, awaiting Teo’s arrival. At the same time, Lorena finds renewed passion regarding the case and heads straight to Zoe. She decides to work with her to track down Teo.

Using the tracking software, they notice Teo is en-route to Malaga. Lorena scrambles to get a plane over there, while our corrupt SCU agent sits with Mat and asks where Candance is. Eventually he succumbs, agreeing to tell him in exchange for joining him.

In the car, Teo presses Mat for answers. He asks about the dead inmate, but Mat simply tells him Romero stumbled and fell.

Olivia and Kimmy head back to the club, where the former starts coughing. She picks up the phone and rings the number that sent the messages to her. A phone behind her buzzes and… it’s Kimmy. Olivia sputters and doubles over, gasping as she asks Kimmy what she’s done. It turns out Gallardo suggested poisoning her, which is all the more shocking given Olivia reveals that she’s actually pregnant.

Kimmy is twisted and angry, irate that the girls would leave her at the club to rot. This explains her motivation. She’s enraged with Olivia, and eventually bundles her in the backseat of the car when she passes out. Kimmy also has the tapes and she takes off. When she does, Teo and Mat both show up at her place, narrowly missing her.

While Teo heads in with a gun, searching around, Mat manages to seize his opportunity and grabs the box on the backseat. There, he finds his phone with the text “don’t trust him.” This is, of course, in reference to Teo. The SCU agent quickly returns to the car and rings Kimmy. It turns out he’s struck a deal with her, admitting he has Mat with him.

The pair meet in the dead of night down by the docks, with Mat still in the car. Kimmy shows Teo the tapes, which he takes for himself. As he drives away, Kimmy meets Mat and takes him to a very familiar spot. She traps him inside a makeshift shipping container. This seems to be the same one that was used when Lavanda was killed.

Using Zoe’s tracking device, Lorena manages to find Teo and holds him up at gunpoint. She’s too quick for him though and forces the guy to give up his handgun.

She forces him to put handcuffs on and takes the tapes for herself. Police officers arrive and surround the pair. Teo tries to squirm his way out of this, but the officers agree with Lorena; they’re going to watch the tape before letting him go.

With nowhere else to turn, Teo turns the gun on himself. Lorena has seen this play out before of course with her Father, and pleads with him not to do this. Teo doesn’t listen and pulls the trigger.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to The Innocent switches things up slightly as we start to near the end of this enthralling mini-series. The situation with Kimmy and her revenge is still unresolved but thankfully Teo has been stopped for now.

It’s a justified ending for him though, but a cruel one for Lorena who’s forced to watch another suicide play out. I can imagine this triggered some pretty bad memories of the past for her.

With the police now in possession of the tapes, everything is starting to come together nicely. Seeing Lorena and Zoe working together to make this happen is a nice touch, while the big reveal about Kimmy is perhaps an obvious but nicely worked twist nonetheless. And that’s to take nothing away from the announcement that Olivia is actually pregnant!

There’s lots of drama still to come with the upcoming finale though, and with an extended run-time, there’s undoubtedly a lot of drama to come.

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