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Room 2507

Episode 3 of The Innocent Season 1 begins with trouble brewing at the morgue. As the authorities begin investigating further, we learn that Sister Maria was actually called Emma in another life. Her backstory is one mired with darkness, working the strip clubs and meeting a really shady guy called Anibal.

While there, she was taken under the wings of mentor Kimmy. For now, Anibal and Emma continue to grow closer together. 5 years pass, Anibal winds up in jail and this whirlwind romance (including getting a tattoo with Hannibal on it) ends with a dead body. Emma runs, making it to the orphanage where she plays the role of a nun. By day she’s Sister Maria, but by night she’s a completely different person.

This catches us up to the present, as Lorena questions Mat over Emma and whether he recognizes her or not. Getting nowhere, she eventually leaves as Ibai rings. Frustratingly, he still refuses to give up Olivia’s location.

Instead, Mat turns back to Zoe, tracking down any hotel within a 32 euro fare radius with the room number 2507. It’s pretty smart too and the pair manage to narrow it down to a handful of possible rooms. As Zoe continues to search, she comes across the name of Rodrigo Gallardo. This guy is an ex-cop and also matches the description of the man who ran over him with his car and put a gun to Mat’s head.

Mat starts to become paranoid, taking the mirror off the wall in the bathroom. In doing so he finds a hole with a handgun stored inside. What is Olivia hiding from him?

Meanwhile, Lorena continues her search for the truth. This investigation brings her to Jaime and Sonia’s place, where she asks the latter about her meetings with Mat. She pedals the same reason as she has done before, claiming it’s therapeutic for her.

It turns out she and Jaime visited Mat in prison early on during his sentence. He apologized profusely but this just enrages Jaime further. After all, sorry doesn’t bring his son back.

Now we start to piece together more of Mat’s time in prison and his shady past. It turns out a man named Manuel Romero also jumped to his death, and he shared a cell block with Mat. Now it seems like the two cases are linked together.

Lorena speaks to an inmate called Roberto, who claims everyone used to pick on Mat. He bulked up, gained muscle and hit back against his bullies. With Romero promising to kill Mat that night, seeing Romero end up dead instead of him looks more than a little suspicious.

Just to deepen the connection between characters, it turns out Anibal also shared a block with Mat, meaning he may well have met Emma. Lorena heads straight back to see Mat, calling him out for the lies he’s been pedaling.

She’s done her homework and knows that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Unfortunately she receives a slammed door for her efforts. However, Mat does learn that Hugo was the one who called the police on him and got them involved. This inevitably brings Mat over to Hugo’s house, accusing him of meddling and telling him to stay away.

As the investigation deepens, Lorena receives a call from Carlos. SCU agents have taken the nun’s body. This only further incentivizes Lorena to pursue the connections Mat has to everything. Unfortunately the SCU have taken over the case completely and the Colonel doesn’t want their department interfering anymore.

Lorena refuses to back down though and receive a wildcard lifeline in the form of Hugo. He drops off a water bottle with Mat’s fingerprints on. However, running it through the system brings back no match for the killer, so it seems like he’s off the hook. The actual fingerprints match none other than Rodrigo Gallardo. It seems this is Emma’s killer.

Well, the SCU Agents, led by Teo, show up at the orphanage with a baptism certificate. As the truth comes tumbling out, it’s revealed that Sister Irene owed Emma’s Mother a favour. This is why she took the girl in so willingly, despite her shady past.

Anyway, all of this seems to be linked to life insurance, with an envelope holding one key out of a set of two to open a safety deposit box. Teo is desperate to figure out what this all means, while we’re left to wonder quite what’s inside the box.

Meanwhile, Jaime finds himself wracked with guilt over what’s happened to Dani. In the middle of the night he puts a silencer on a pistol and aims it at his chin. However, he can’t fire. Instead, he simply breaks down sobbing.

While Lorena is out on the road she finds Rodrigo’s car. The man is sat in the driver’s seat with a bullet through his neck.

At the same time, Zoe picks up Mat and confirms that they’ve found Olivia. Driving him to the hotel, she listens as the sound of muffled blows sends her scrambling up to the hotel room. She pounds on the door, pleading with Mat to open up. However, Mat is not there… it’s Olivia!

The Episode Review

As episode 3 draws to a close, we’re left with more questions than answers. What is going on with Olivia? Who is after her? Who killed Rodrigo and why? And is Mat really responsible or is he being framed for all of this?

There are a lot of questions hanging over this one and there’s plenty of run-time to explore this in more detail too. Looking ahead, there’s some pretty beefy run-times coming up, with several 60+ minutes used to start (presumably) unscrambling these timelines and making sense of what’s happening.

The Innocent has been a gripping watch so far and perfectly channels those Harlan Coben vibes. The ending is definitely surprising though and with Olivia found already, it seems like we may finally get some answers to what’s been going on all this time.

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