‘The In Between’ Ending Explained: Does Tessa find her happily ever after?

The In Between Plot Synopsis

The In Between is a new film on Netflix, dealing with young love, grief, and romance from beyond the grave. It focuses on Tessa (Joey King) and Skylar (Kyle Allen), a chalk and cheese pair who form a relationship after meeting at a movie theatre. Before long, the two fall in love with one another but their chances of romance seemingly come to an end when tragedy strikes and Skylar is killed in a car accident.

Tessa attempts to move on with her life but her efforts are interrupted when strange things start happening around her. It soon becomes clear that Skylar is trying to communicate with her from the afterlife.

How does Tessa’s life change after Skylar’s death?

Life isn’t easy for Tessa after she loses Skylar. Not only does she have to deal with the physical injuries she endured in the accident but she has to contend with damage to her emotional psyche too. Skylar’s passing hit her hard and the pain of this is almost too much to bear.

Thankfully, she isn’t alone. Her adopted parents are there to support her and so too is her best friend Shannon. The grieving girl also meets a woman named Doris at the hospital. She is the author of a book about the afterlife but when she tries to tell Tessa that Skylar might still exist, albeit within a different dimension, Tessa is initially dismissive.

After leaving hospital, Tessa’s passion for photography is a welcome distraction for her. But before too long, her life is upended when strange things start to happen. She then begins to realise that Doris was right about Skylar as she naturally assumes that he is behind the weird events that are occurring around her.

How does Skylar communicate with Tessa?

The manifestation of Skylar’s face appears on a print while Tessa is developing her photos. Before she can use this as evidence that Skylar is reaching out to her, the image disappears as quickly as it appeared. However, this isn’t the only time Skylar tries to manifest his presence.

During Tessa’s SAT tests, Skylar takes control of her hand and draws on her test paper. This presumably screws up her chances of passing the test but this is of little concern to Tessa, who is more surprised at the influence that is being exerted over her. It becomes obvious that Skylar is behind the manipulation when, much to the annoyance of her school teachers, a favourite song he shared with Tessa starts to play loudly on each student’s phone in the exam hall.

These aren’t the only things that happen but the biggest clue of all is when Skylar manages to control Tessa’s GPS system.

What happens on Tessa’s GPS?

When pulling into her adopted mother’s driveway, Tessa’s GPS activates itself and draws out a route. This route uses the same pattern of lines that Tessa drew on her SAT paper, so it is clear that Skylar is once again trying to send her a message.

Naturally, Tessa decides to follow the directions on her GPS and eventually, she arrives at the home of Doris, the woman who tried to convince her of the existence of Skylar in the afterlife.

What does Doris have to say?

“I TOLD YOU SO, YOU FOOLISH UNBELIEVER” Doris shouts at poor Tessa when the girl arrives at her home. Not really…

Doris is far more gracious when she gives Tessa a message. She tells her that Skylar is trying to communicate with her from ‘the in-between’ place and that he wants to meet up with her at the location where they felt the most love for each other. This is exciting news but it also comes with a warning. By travelling to this destination, Tessa might also be stuck within the ‘in-between.’

What does Tessa do next?

Unsurprisingly, Tessa decides to travel to the places where she and Skylar had their most intimate moments. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost as all of her (literal) soul searching has an effect on her physical recuperation. Her stitches rupture and she is rushed to the hospital to await further surgery.

Unwilling to lie in a hospital bed while hopes of an otherworldly romance are quickly passing, Tessa escapes with the help of Shannon and the mysterious influence of Skylar.

Tessa and Shannon head to the lake, the place that Tessa believes is her ‘final destination,’ but then the GPS directs them to the spot where the accident happened. When there, Tessa is transported to the ‘in-between’ place where she and Skylar are given the opportunity to share their love for one another once again.

Does Tessa get her happily ever after?

It could be assumed that Tessa’s ‘happily ever after’ is with Skylar in the afterlife. And for the grieving girl, that is the place that she wants to be… at first.

However, after spending time with Skylar in the metaphysical world, where they experience some beautiful moments together, she decides to say goodbye to him and return to her body.

Does she then live a miserable life without him? No. We later see her making a presentation at a prestigious art school so it is clear that she is pursuing her original passion: photography. In one sense, this is her ‘happily ever after.’

But as the movie closes, we see that Skylar is still watching over her. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to suggest that she eventually gets to live the best of both worlds; a life where she can follow her creative passions and a life where she can still be with Skylar.


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