The Horror of Dolores Roach – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Bye, Felicia

In episode 7 of The Horror of Dolores Roach, Dolores has come to the conclusion that they must leave because their actions are beginning to catch up to them which means it is simply a matter of days before they’re caught. They intend to hand over the company to Jonah.

For the possible franchising agreement, the couple meets with Jonah. He gives them $15,000 in payment after cashing out. He explains that unless he gets his parents’ consent, he can’t use his trust money. Dolores inquires as to whether Jonah can use the revenue from the rental properties to pay the expenses. Although Jonah says they must hold off till the beginning of the month, this strategy is far more likely to succeed.

To commemorate the occasion, Luis and Dolores share a joint. They talk about their prospects to adopt new identities and begin afresh. Their fake identifications have been successfully sorted out by Luis. Felicia Rocha is listed on Dolores’ new driver’s license, which is given to her. Luis has chosen to be known as Hector Pector.

Nellie shouts from the second floor while they argue because Sophia has fallen. According to Sophia, when she was taking a bath, blood fell on her, causing her to drop and break her leg. Turns out, the drainage system is clogged by the blood Luis has been draining from the dead bodies. Similar issues are happening to Caleb inside his flat. He makes a threat to contact the police and Luis promises to make it right.

The group aids Sophia in leaving the apartment. Following that, she is driven quickly to a hospital. She is given medication and Dolores and Sophia bond in the emergency room. Dolores questions her regarding Dominic’s whereabouts. She has no clue where he is, however, an Australian woman always brings her a gift for Christmas and leaves it at her flat.

Dolores thinks that the Australian woman might be Professor Georgina, an old friend. She confronts her about these allegations at the nearby university. Georgina acknowledges that it has been 20 years since she last saw Dominic. During an argument between the longtime friends, she accuses Dolores of being mean. Dolores is deeply offended by this.

Luis is clearing the drainage system out inside his basement. Despite realizing the air conditioning has stopped working, he begins to fix the clogging problem. Before they go away, they’re left with an entire week for getting rid of every ounce of leftover meat. When he fixes the ventilation and air conditioning, Luis makes the decision to store all of the proof in the refrigerator upstairs.

Dolores talks about her encounter with Georgina and questions Luis about her nature. Dolores acknowledges that she no longer wishes to be tormented by Dominic. Dolores asserts she is done with him. The duo then begins kissing.

While removing clothing, Dolores spots an area of scarring close to Luis’ groin. Luis discusses the scars in detail. His dad’s girlfriend mistreated him. When his dad learned, the relationship was over. Luis attempted to harm himself by putting burning oil on his penis. As the couple retires to bed, Dolores consoles Luis.

Jonah is making a special meal for Nellie when Dolores arrives home. Although the refrigerator is locked, she is terrified that Jonah will find murdered corpses inside. To smoke some weed, she steps outside.

When she comes back, Dolores discovers Jonah inside the refrigerator. His dad’s body has been discovered. Jonah’s neck is instantly snapped by Dolores without any hesitation. Then she adds, “Bye, Felicia,” making it clear that the couple’s plans to flee are presently over.

The Episode Review

Dolores and Luis’ strategies to leave their present criminal lives and pursue their dreams outside of town are the primary subject matter throughout the penultimate episode of The Horror of Dolores Roach. Naturally, there are numerous obstacles in their way as their dark secrets begin to come to light.

Episode 7 borders on brilliance because it combines crude humor with a gripping and unsettling ending.

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