The Hard Aches – I Saw The Future | Album Review

Track Listing

Slaughter Beach
Twists And Bends
Party Ghost
The Place We Love Is On Fire
Better Off Living
Bullshit Artist
Pound Dog
Dive In
I Can’t Listen To Tom Petty Anymore
I Saw The Future


The Hard Aches try to envisage a better outlook in a world which terrifies, and their sound has a melancholic coating, one that doesn’t flake away. Indie sounds come to the fore, and the band also experiments with acoustic notes. Punk makes waves here too, instilled in this honest music, a sound that complements the sad lyrics well.

The band want closure away from confrontation and pain, though they often fall into a battlefield of injustice and broken memories. On I Saw The Future, they play fast; they sing honestly, and they expertly portray through truthful lyricism the state of their lives. The lives they lead are unconventional, unrestrained, and often painful.

12 songs make up this release. ‘Simple’ starts with nimble vocals and lyrics which describe the state of a mind that is ready to fall into a demented cycle. The guitar work isn’t ferocious or breakneck either, it’s very much easy on the ears.

‘Twists And Bends’ is a sad song and an enlightening track, though one that goes in so many directions. Those soft instrumentals and lyrics merge and create a modern love story. Poetry is king here.

‘Better Off Living’ begins like a statement of intent, a song that neglects positivity. It doesn’t barge in, it’s soft and sombre, pushing the band to the limits of their mental health. Unsurprisingly solemn, the track is poetically thrilling, ticking along before it gets a lot louder.

The Hard Aches test their own resolve on this album, and they realise the world is a battered vessel.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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