The Hangover Part III (2013) Ending Explained – Where is Leslie Chow?

The Hangover Part III

The Hangover Part III Plot Synopsis

Alan’s friends, Phil, Stu, and Doug come to help when he faces a major crisis in life intensified by the untimely death of his father. In a hysterical turn of events, Doug is taken hostage, and the trio are forced to find Leslie Chow in order to save Doug. Despite their direct connection, getting hold of the man in question proves trickier than they imagined.

What happens with Alan?

Alan’s taking his newly bought giraffe home. At a low overpass, the giraffe is sadly decapitated causing a major multi-car accident on the highway. Angry at his son’s childishness, Alan’s father, Sid, dies of a heart attack. At his funeral, Alan delivers an exceedingly awkward speech.

His brother-in-law, Doug, informs Phil and Stu that Alan has lately not been taking his ADHD medications, and is growing increasingly unpredictable. The group convinces Alan to visit a rehabilitation facility. He agrees on a condition that the wolfpack (title for his group of friends) will take him there.

The Hangover Part III

What happens on the way?

A truck driver deliberately rams Phil’s minivan off the road onto the desert. The mafia boss, Marshall and his men including “Black Doug” take the four hostage on gunpoint. Marshall informs them that Chow has swiped half of $42 million gold heist that he pulled off. Since Alan is the only one Chow has been in touch with, Marshall tasks Alan and his friends with finding Chow and bringing him his stolen gold back. To ensure the Alan and his friends remain motivated for the task, he kidnaps Doug. 

How does the Wolfpack Meet Chow?

Alan and Chow meet on the down low while Phil and Stu hide. When Chow discovers the two and that they planned to drug him, the group is forced to reveal that they are working for Marshall. Chow agrees to return the gold on a condition that the wolfpack will join him in getting it back. He reveals that the gold is kept in the walls of the Mexican villa he once owned.  The three along with Chow break into the house, and find the gold.

However, the three are left dumbfounded when Chow locks them in the cellar and takes flight with all the gold. Later, Marshall tells them that the gold Chow took was the half he never had, and it was his villa that they broke into. Consequently, he shoots “Black Doug” dead for lack of security and tasks the three with finding Chow again. 

The Hangover Part III

The search for Chow begins

Phil’s phone which was left in the minivan taken by Chow takes the group to Las Vegas. At a pawnshop, Alan has a weirdly romantic encounter with its owner, Cassie. She informs Alan that Chow pawned one of the gold bars. She gives him a business card of an escort service that Chow is also using. 

They find Chow in the Cesar’s Palace, but before they can catch him, he jumps off the balcony and parachutes away. Stu who has been following Chow’s movement from the road, captures Chow. He manages to lock him in the trunk of Marshall’s limousine. 

Does Marshall Kill Chow?

The three take the captured Chow to Marshall. They reveal they couldn’t get the original half of the heist as Chow spent it all in Bangkok. Marshall sets Doug free, but unloads the entire gun into the trunk with the motive to kill Chow. Strangely enough, Chow emerges from behind and kills Marshall and his men in an instant. Chow spares Phil and Stu as he reveals it was Alan who helped him escape from the trunk. As Chow tries to reward Alan for his loyalty, Alan gently ends his friendship with him due to his involvement in bad endeavors.

Six months later, Alan marries the lady from the pawnshop, Cassie. The end credits scene is interrupted by a scene depicting mayhem, realistically as a result of Alan’s wedding party. That leaves us wondering if that’s a hint there might be a Hangover 4 someday?

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