The Flight Attendant – Season 2 Episode 7 “No Exit” Recap & Review

No Exit

The final two episodes will bring this roller coaster of a season to a close and we start with episode 7 of The Flight Attendant Season 2. Cassie’s “good” name has been dragged through the mud by her blonde impersonator. She has passionately tried to frame Cassie for the murders she¬†has committed. We saw her plant a bloody knife in Cassie’s apartment in the previous episode. And now we see her leaving one of Cassie’s red gloves on the ship from the last scene of the previous episode. Cassie convinces Shane to help clear her name and the two have made it to the boat. Shane immediately phones the police while our flight attendant phones Dot instead, but isn’t able to reach her.

She surreptitiously puts the glove in her purse to avoid further suspicion. Megan, fearing for her family’s safety, arranges for a meeting with a Korean agent. She promises to give him all the evidence she has against them but instead, knocks the agent unconscious and puts him in the trunk of her car. Shane, Cassie, Max, and Annie try to make sense of the last slide of the ViewMaster. The conclusion is: that the next target is Cassie herself. All the victims until now have been associated with Will (the target who got blown up). And she is the last one. They are able to locate where the event is going to take place as well -Santa Monica Pier.

Shane and Cassie reach the spot. Unbeknownst to them, Max and Annie have also followed them. And unbeknownst to them, the Diazes have followed them. Shane goes off searching for the double, asking Cassie to stay at one place. She herself spots the double, wearing the same clothes as her and having a similar hairdo. She follows her around, receiving a call from Dot, who tells her to stay away from Benjamin, who is also at the Pier. Benjamin tries to make contact but she is able to get away on a ride. From the top, she sees Shane and Benjamin talking, and mysteriously, Shane falls down.

In her mind palace, Cassie was taken by a younger version of her to a room where she meets her mother. They have a strange conversation about Cassie’s unhappiness and the reasons for it. She snaps out of it with teary eyes. Max and Annie successfully neutralize the Diazes and she gets her ring back. The two reconcile and reconnect over their love.

And finally, the big reveal of the season comes out: GRACE is the DOUBLE. She stabs Shane and Benjamin, disproving Cassie’s theory that he is working against her interests. But when Cassie asks her who is making her do all of this, Grace decides to shoot herself.

The Episode Review

What is it with shock endings and television shows? We just saw Howard being shot by Lalo in ‘Better Call Saul’, and now Grace. All of this when you least expect it. Well, we finally know who the killer is. Bit the reason for her actions is yet not known. This episode went at a blistering pace. The setup at the Pier was an effective one, allowing all the worlds to collide in one place. There are just enough questions left to answer as we go into the final episode, making the anticipation for the finale irresistible.

We have seen how Cassie has struggled with her identity and lack of positivity in life. Her issues that trace back to her childhood have steadily unravelled in her mind palace. This time, though, the signals were too emotionally overwhelming. For the entire tangent to crescendo like this is the best strategy when it is being put to an end. So will we finally see Cassie able to shrug off the problems that make her keep making the same mistakes, or will she suffer more? We will find out in the last episode.

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