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Episode 6 of The Feed begins with Meredith and Lawrence falling out over the recent turn of events before she heads out, trying in vain to ignore the hordes of reporters waiting to speak to her. Eve wakes up after her incident and finds herself trapped at knife-point by the intruder. With her and Max both tied up, he tells them if they turn their Feed on, he’ll kill them both.

Meanwhile, Gil is arrested for questioning while Kate watches on from the window. As her and Tom prepare to leave for America, Lawrence is replaced as CEO and the ensuing task force move quickly, rounding up a list of possible suspects for questioning. As they move to find those responsible, Tom speaks to his family one last time before leaving the country. Kate arrives at Max and Eve’s house to do the same thing, spotting blood on the floor before hearing footsteps behind her. As she turns, she lets out a sigh of relief as she sees it’s only Tom.

However, Eve and Max are taken away by Eric, an estranged worker at the company, who forces Max to drive. Back in the holding cell, Gil is grilled around his involvement with the app and as Ben convinces the others to shift the blame to Gil, Meredith stands her ground and refuses to believe he’s the one responsible.

In the wake of this, Ben heads off to see Lawrence and regrettably shows him the issue he’s having with The Feed. Apologising for his mistake, he tells Lawrence that Sue will find the corruption, leading his Father to cross his arms and shun him completely. Looking Ben square in the eye, he tells him he’s not his son, leading the former to leave while Lawrence invites the press in and talks to them about his work. Given the lady infront of him is broadcasting the interview, he addresses the ones in charge, knowing they’re watching on, and proudly proclaims he knows more than he’s letting on.

Meanwhile, Kate and Tom head to Eric’s, the man whose ring was left at Eve’s house, and begin looking around. In the bedroom they find “Arnold Moore” scribbled across the wall multiple times before stumbling upon the dead dog and another body in the closet. It turns out this man works at The Feed and as the duo try to work out who he is, Max’s car arrives at the headquarters.

Ben invites Miyu in to his office and tells her about the app, and in particular pins the blame on Gil for his fantastical version of her. She refuses to believe it was him but as Ben taps her on the shoulder, he tells Miyu that she’s wanted for questioning.

Lawrence and Sue meet but they disagree over terms for his reinstatement, prompting Sue to arrest him on the charges of withholding evidence. However, as he heads into the atrium, Kate and Tom arrive just as a knife-wielding Eric charges toward Lawrence. Tom stops him though, and as Eric stumbles over he smashes his head on the bench and bleeds out. However, Max stumbles toward Lawrence and stabs him repeatedly until Max is shot in the chest. As news of this spreads across the world, an offline June asks the shocked Feeders around her what they’re seeing.

With a dramatic twist at the end, The Feed continues to surprise with some really nicely worked cliffhangers and reveals. It appears like Max remained hacked all this time and acted normal just to get close to Lawrence. What are the hackers’ end-game here? Numerous questions remain hanging over this one and quite where The Feed will go next remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though, this one is gearing up for up quite the dramatic second half!


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