The Feed – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Family Reunion

Episode 5 of The Feed begins with Kate starting her procedure while Tom begins reliving Sarah’s memories through point-of-view shots. Bolting upright, Tom awakens and tells Lawrence that someone else was controlling her when she was alive.

While Max returns home, seemingly cured from the hacker inside him, Tom arrives to see Kate have her implant removed but in doing so, she loses feeling in her feet and suddenly loses her memory. It turns out The Feed is too deeply imbedded in her and the damage is irreversable; the implant can’t be removed.

With Ben unable to delete the app, he phones work and tells them he can’t come in, while Gil phones him and tries to get through to him soon after. Sensing something is amiss, Meredith arrives at his house and asks him to turn his Feed on. Reluctantly, he follows his Mother’s guidance only to be haunted by the malfunctioning hologram again.

Kate and Tom soon learn that baby Beatrice can’t have her Feed Implant removed either because she doesn’t possess one. After this bombshell reveal, Tom invites the family over for dinner, intending to get the bottom of what’s happening. While Meredith and Ben prepare to head over, Max eventually plucks up the courage and asks Eve to marry him, giving her the ring he bought for her previously.

At dinner the family fall out over the current situation, with Tom confronting Lawrence over The Feed and the situation involving Beatrice. Lawrence blames the situation on Tom and reveals she inhereted it from him. It turns out Lawrence “enhanced” his son’s DNA with The Feed, meaning he can pass it on naturally to his offspring, and Meredith knew about this the whole time. Disgusted, Kate calls him arrogant but Lawrence shrugs it off and dismisses it as progress.

Giving in to the taunting hologram, Ben sends it over anonymously to Gil while Tom sits down with his Father and discusses the ethical and societal issues around The Feed. As they talk about freedom, Tom reminds him he’s not God. While Max and Eve settle in for the night, another hacker enters the room and smacks Eve in the head with a brick. It’s a shocking move too and one that leaves this storyline hanging in the balance.

Deciding to go behind his Father’s back, Tom approaches Sue and requests her help to stop his Father. Deciding to broadcast Lawrence’s message, Tom publically showcases his Father’s chilling speech, forcing Meredith to hold an emergency press conference and declare Lawrence has stepped down from his position. Back home, he and Tom come face to face where he reveals that he only has one son – Ben is an adopted child.

With plenty of familial drama and big reveals regarding The Feed, Amazon Prime’s cerebrally charged series does a great job delivering another thrilling episode here. While some may be put off by the extent of the familial drama, for the most part the episode does well to keep things consistent as we pass the halfway point. Quite where the story is likely to go next remains to be seen but for now, The Feed delivers another decent episode.


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