The Feed – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Whispers In The Night

Episode 2 of The Feed begins with Tom awakening to find Kate cradling the baby. He’s still uneasy around her after the incident in hospital and after a family photo, he sees this manifest first-hand at home as Kate panics, telling them something is wrong and inside her head. Has she been hacked? They don’t have long to find out either as it turns out someone was accessing her memories but have gone now.

However, Evelyn’s stunt in the office, taking the data files to use at home, sees her in the firing line at work. Before she can see the brunt of this, the group discuss the extent of the breach. This extends across to the recent hack too, that sees Lawrence come into the firing line from the Board as they question how he’ll fix the issues. Lawrence goes on to explain the hack was an act of terrorism while Meredith plays damage control and speaks to everyone on their feed, telling them not to engage with the resistance.

Together with Lawrence, Tom heads in to speak to Sarah in her cell. While he tries to get through to her, Kate receives the hard copy of her memories from Max.

Getting nowhere fast with Sarah, Tom instead heads in and speaks to Anton instead, pleading with him to help try and learn what’s happened to him and Sarah. Unfortunately he refuses to help and instead walks away. However, some time later Anton and Sarah find themselves face to face in the main atrium and seemingly controlled by hackers. Anton quickly grabs Sarah by the neck and kills her before stabbing himself, telling Tom there’s no way out.

While Danny finds himself seizuring after going on-air again for The Feed, Kate discovers one of her memories that shows the baby growing in her womb. The problems get worse for Kate as she experiences issues connecting with her child. As she soon learns, Beatrice has been connected to The Feed from birth, leaving Tom and Kate shocked and disgusted. Packing up their things, they prepare to get some answers and get The Feed removed from their baby’s head.

As the episode closes out, Max has spasms in bed and appears to be in extreme pain before sinking back into a deep sleep again. Are the hackers in his head now?

With another cliffhanger ending and plenty of drama throughout the episode, The Feed returns for another very good episode here. As the hackers begin to double down on their plan and more and more Feeds are taken down, the future certainly looks on the brink of collapsing. For now though, we’re left with numerous questions hanging over this one and quite where the show will go from here, remains to be seen.


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