The Escape of the Seven – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Fight Between the Real and the Fake Switched at Birth

Episode 14 of The Escape of the Seven starts with Secretary Kang informing Chairman Shim that Jun-seok has left the island. Secretary Kang says he manipulated the CCTV cameras and escaped, so Chairman Shim tells Secretary Kang to look for him. Meanwhile, Mathew/Jun-seok is playing with Ha-na at his house, with Jin-mo watching from upstairs. 

In a flashback to when Kang Ki-tak escaped Mathew’s house, he calls Ki-tak using a payphone. Ki-tak tells him that Mathew is Jun-seok. He tells Jin-mo that Do-hyuk is unaware and to make sure he tells Do-hyuk as soon as possible. Jin-mo asks about Paeng-hee, and Ki-tak thinks K deceived him on the call using deep fake technology. They agree to meet and talk at Seoul Culture Forest. However, Mathew’s men apprehend them. 

Jin-mo begs Mathew to let Paeng-hee live, and Mathew gives him a choice. He asks Jin-mo to chop off one of his wrists as proof of his loyalty to him; a promise that he will live as Mathew’s slave until he dies. Jin-mo agrees and almost chops off his wrist, but Mathew stops him. He tells Jin-mo to ensure that Do-hyuk will never know that he is Jun-seok, even in his next life. If Jin-mo tells Do-hyuk Mathew’s real identity, he will kill Ha-na, Paeng-hee and Jin-mo. 

Mathew visits Do-hyuk at his place. Do-hyuk asks about Ki-tak, and Mathew tells him that he has not found him yet. He also suggests that he is probably already dead. Do-hyuk gets angry and storms out, presumably to go to Sungchan Group and confront Chairman Shim, which Mathew wants. Mathew calls Secretary Kang and tells him to make way for Do-hyuk when he arrives at Sungchan Group. 

Chairman Shim is meeting with Han Mo-ne, asking about her relationship with Jun-seok. Do-hyuk enters his office and begs Chairman Shim to tell him where Kang Ki-tak is. Chairman Shim is unaware of what Do-hyuk is talking about and tries to call security. Do-hyuk takes a golf club and tries to hit Chairman Shim, but Mo-ne saves him. Do-hyuk hits Mo-ne instead and then hurriedly carries her out of Sungchan Group. Chairman Shim wants to meet with Mathew to determine his thoughts. 

Ju-ran and La-hui had planned to get Chairman Bang’s money elsewhere, hence selling Kang Ki-tak to Mathew. When he was thrown overboard after Mathew stubbed him, they had him fetched out and tried to get information about the location of Chairman Bang’s money. Kang Ki-tak passes out, and they throw him back into the water. Meanwhile, Mathew visits the gallery and tells Myoung-ji to be done with moving the artworks within three days. He also overhears Chairman Shim’s daughter talking ill of him, saying he looks like he is not noble and is bringing shame to the family, making him angry. 

La-hui and Ju-ran realise Chairman Bang’s money might be hidden at a playground. An old-looking man drenches them in dirty water, stopping them from looking further. Mathew angrily calls Do-hyuk to gather everyone at La-hui’s house. Do-hyuk and Mathew give them a new mission – to steal the actual paintings from Sungchan Gallery’s VIP room. Mathew puts Jin-mo in charge of the task. 

Mo-ne asks Do-hyuk to take her out for a meal afterwards as a thank-you for saving him from jail time for assaulting Chairman Shim. Mo-ne plans to get Do-hyuk to her side so he can protect her. Do-hyuk takes Mo-ne to have a meal where her mother works. They both help Mo-ne’s mother deal with troublesome customers intending to take advantage of her disability. 

On the day of the gallery event, Mathew mentions something about the day becoming an incredible one for Do-hyuk. The team arrives at the gallery ready for the heist while Do-hyuk monitors from the van waiting outside. Mathew calls the gallery director, Shim Yi-young, as Jun-seok and tells her he is at the gallery. Yi-young thinks he is out to ruin the event and calls Chairman Shim. He decides to attend the party to take care of Jun-seok. 

Yi-young causes a distraction at the party, knocking over glasses and decorations and giving Mathew’s pawns a chance to get the paintings in the VIP room. Mathew knocks out the guards at the CCTV room and wipes out all the tapes. He then pushes the Director Hong Ji-na, wife of Jijoong Group, down a flight of stairs. 

Do-hyuk overhears that K is in the building. He tries calling Mathew, but he does not answer, so he leaves his spot in the van and catches K. Mathew changes his clothes and wears the same clothes as Do-hyuk. The police arrive as soon as Chairman Shim arrives, and they say Jun-seok called them. The recording describes Mathew’s clothes, which are similar to Do-hyuk. The others get back to the VIP room with the fake paintings and find Hong Ji-na’s body in the middle of the room. 

The police call all guests to the party hall, and Do-hyuk joins them. He catches a glimpse of someone suspicious and follows him to the washroom. He finds a watch and takes it. The police get information about the body in the VIP room, and people rush to see it. On the wall, Jun-seok wrote that it was now his father’s turn and his real son to be judged. Ji-na’s body is set up similar to how Chairman Shim found his wife when she was killed. 

Jin-mo and Mathew plan to pin the murder on Min DO-hyuk. He intentionally left the watch in the bathroom since it has Jun-seok’s initials and blood on it. Mathew also gave Do-hyuk the clothes he was wearing. He leads Do-hyuk to the police, and Jin-mo plays his part, confirming that the watch Do-hyuk took is Jun-seok’s. Do-hyuk is arrested, and when he tries to call Mathew, he does not answer. Mathew thinks Chairman Shim will kill Do-hyuk to save his company. 

Secretary Kang informs Chairman Shim that the President has called for a re-investigation of Bang Da-mi’s case. He also instructs that the Sungchan Group bring in Jun-seok if they want to survive. Secretary Kang visits Mathew Lee to update him on what is happening. Mathew decides to leave Do-hyuk at the mercy of Chairman Shim. In addition, he confirms that he is Secretary Kang’s son.

At the end of the episode, Mathew Lee meets with Chairman Shim. Elsewhere, Do-hyuk successfully escapes from the police. He is almost at a dead end when Mo-ne comes to his aid. 

The Episode Review

It is evident from this episode that the storyline was never really about Bang Da-mi. It is about children switched at birth and the fake one getting his revenge for his supposed family abandoning him when they found out he is not the real one.

Just like the last episode, this episode is frustrating to watch. I hope to see a twist that Do-hyuk knew about Mathew Lee and played along to help Kang Ki-tak. Otherwise, watching his character continuously become prey and tossed around when people get tired of using him is distressful. Why is he always the scapegoat? Where are Lee Hwi-so and Kang Ki-tak? When will the real revenge for Bang Da-mi’s death start?

In addition, what is the look between Mo-ne and Do-hyuk at the end of the episode? Is the script going to start a romance story between them? At this point, the only person to root for is Do-hyuk. Everyone else is selfishly betraying one another for their personal gains and does not deserve any happy endings. 

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