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The Crown – Season 6 Episode 3 “Dis-Moi Oui” Recap & Review

Dis-Moi Oui

In the first scene of The Crown Season 6 Episode 3, Diana and Dodi are seen on his luxurious yacht. While on a call with her therapist, Diana complains about the constant presence of paparazzi near their yacht. Additionally, she goes on to tell her about Dodi’s romantic gestures, despite the fact that he’s only recently broken off his engagement with Kelly Fisher.

The therapist tells Diana that she has learned from the media that his ex-fiancee is suing him. Following that, the therapist brings up the fact that they have been addressing her drama addiction. Her current position, however, is not favorable to achieving this objective. Following that, Diana promises that she’ll get back to the UK as soon as she can.

Mohammad Al-Fayed, on the other hand, is talking on the phone with his son Dodi. He is pressuring his son to tie the knot with Diana. If Dodi can convince Diana to marry him, he promises him an equal share of the company. This ends up acting as a push for Dodi to convince Diana to get married to him.

Diana plans to break the news to Dodi soon that she wants to get back to the UK. Dodi, however, manages to talk her into leaving the yacht in favor of a trip to Monte Carlo. Diana is afraid to leave the yacht since the paparazzi would chase after them. However, Dodi encourages her to do it anyway.

In Monte Carlo, Diana and Dodi are out for ice cream when a few onlookers recognize her. They are led into a jewelry store as a means of escape. While Diana and Dodi wait in the jewelry store, Dodi asks if there’s anything she likes. Following that, Diana points to a ring with the inscription “Dis-Moi Oui.” While Diana is away, Dodi makes an attempt to make the purchase. However, the jeweler tells him it has already been sold. However, one can be purchased in a Parisian shop.

Prince William’s mood has been dragging of late, and Princess Anne has picked up on this back at Balmoral in Scotland. She then recommends taking him stag hunting because she feels it is long overdue. William kills a stag while out on a hunt. Following this, he is blooded.

Diana and Dodi, on the other hand, return to the yacht. In a conversation with Dodi, Diana reveals that she needs to return to the UK immediately for work purposes. She informs him that she will be flying economy. Dodi, on the other hand, insists that she use his jet. He explains to her, however, that he must first discuss the matter with his father.

When Dodi contacts Mohommad Al-Fayed, he tells her that Diana has some work and so she needs to travel back to the UK. He then inquires about Dodi’s development with Diana. His father, Mohammad Al-Fayed, urges him to take Diana to Paris after he tells him that the ring she likes is available there.

Soon after, Dodi tells Diana that he’ll take her to the UK, but he has some work in Paris, so they need to make a brief stop there. Diana tells him she wants to call her sons at a specific time because she misses them so much. Dodi reassures her, nevertheless, that she’ll be able to contact them in Paris.

Mohommad Al-Fayed keeps calling and meddling in his son’s life in Paris. This deeply upsets Diana because she misses talking to her sons on the phone. When they do decide to travel to Paris, the paparazzi follow them relentlessly, driving Diana to the brink of insanity.

Soon after, with Harry’s birthday swiftly approaching, Diana is spotted wrapping a present for him. Later that day, he has a conversation with her sons on call before dinner. William asks her if she’s going to marry Dodi, as he saw it in the newspapers. She then reassures her sons that she will not be marrying Dodi and that they should not believe the rumors. She then promises them that she’ll be with them the following night. They are obviously thrilled to finally meet their mother, and she appears to feel the same way.

Dodi is under pressure from Mohammad Al-Fayed to propose to Diana as soon as possible. Dodi argues with him, telling him she’s not feeling great right now. However, Mohommad Al-Fayed doesn’t get it, and he wants the task done immediately.

Dodi plans to propose to Diana later that day, so he takes her to the Ritz. Diana has a breakdown at the dinner table as everyone is still staring at her. Following this, Dodi takes her to a private room.

In the room, Dodi removes the ring box to propose to Diana. However, Diana stops him and politely says that she isn’t ready for marriage just yet. Following that, she tells him that he just wants to marry her because his father is pressuring him to do so. After some deep conversation, they decide to spend the night at Dodi’s place, where Diana’s belongings are kept.

By sneaking out the back door with Diana, Dodi tries to elude photographers. However, the paparazzi spot them and begin to chase their car regardless.

The random stranger from the premiere of the season can be seen walking his dog in the episode’s final minutes. He then spots the vehicle in which Diana and Dodi are traveling through a tunnel. Following this, he hears a loud noise and decides to call the police, bringing the episode to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 3, yet again, Diana and Dodi take a trip aboard the Fayed yacht. Diana, however, is beginning to consider returning to the UK for the sake of meeting with her sons, William and Harry. She’s also cognizant of the fact that Dodi’s ex-fiance has filed a demanding lawsuit against him.

The Paris tragedy is presented movingly in this episode. Although this is fiction, the plot is nonetheless interesting. The previous episode severely let us down. This episode, though, makes up for it and genuinely gets about with the tale quite elegantly.

If I had to pick one thing that was quite frankly a disaster, it would be the therapist’s representation. Therapists shouldn’t offer opinions to their clients. However, in this episode, Diana’s therapist gives her explicit instructions. This inaccurate portrayal of a therapist is disappointing and misleading.

Considering that this is the penultimate episode of Season 6 Part 1, it will be exciting to watch how Part 1 concludes.

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