The Consultant – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Craig can’t sleep and goes on one of his customary late-night runs as episode 8 of The Consultant begins. He sees damaged cars that have been trampled upon and comes face to face with Jumbo.

The next morning, Elaine watches it on the news. She is elated and sports a smile until the reporter mentions Jumbo died while being transported back. She quickly changes the channel and turns serious. Patrice shows up at the office saying he will be thrown into jail for murder. He asks for his money to go under hiding until the thing dies down.

Why does Regus leave CompWare?

Regus sits in the offices of Pterodactyl Robotics and rejects a call from Elaine. We see Regus going into the office of the CEO, Rebecca Hood, and repeating the same speech he gave to Sang. Why has he left CompWare? We discover the reason in the next scene where a party is held at the office to celebrate the raging success of Mr Sang’s Jungle Odyssey, which will keep the company alive for the foreseeable future. He goes up to Patoff’s office and finds Patrice sitting in the chair. He won’t leave until he gets the money. Elaine is updating her resume as she is applying for a job at Koala: a significant update from her current position. She offers to take Craig with her, if she gets in, but Craig is pessimistic. The spyware has collected astronomical amounts of data and he will go to jail for that.

How has Regus changed Elaine as a person?

Regus finally shows up and Elaine gets into his ear. Unsurprisingly, Patoff says the rest of the money has been spent in the party and Patrice cannot be given more money since the elephant died. Elaine warns him Patrice can get violent and he asks her to make a plan. They stop in the middle and Regus stares at a knife, wondering what to do with Patrice. Elaine says they should give him up to the police and it will give the firm even more publicity. It will be his word against theirs when it comes down to the bones. Regus meets Patrice and asks the belligerent man to “accompany him on an errand.”

Patrice feels weirded out when Regus says Elaine is now capable of even negotiating to take a human life. He leaves and vows to come back in the morning for the money. Iain asks Elaine to switch back the offices. But she isn’t ready and challenges him to take it back. Regus takes a plate of food to Patti, who keeps typing like a robot. Elaine and Craig reignite old sparks and are about to leave the party when Patti texts Craig something in Korean. “Put more money soon”, it translates. Elaine says Craig should track her phone down using the code in the new game, which she might have downloaded.

How do Elaine and Craig find Patti? What happened to her?

When they reach the spot, they shockingly find Ahn, who now speaks perfectly good English. How did she get Patti’s phone? Why is she there and how can she speak English all of a sudden? She says Regus has made her life easier and she sent him the message. He even gave her Patti’s phone. They head towards the office where Regus is expectedly waiting for them on the stairs. Regus says Patti is finishing up his administrative leftovers before he departs the company. Craig asks Elaine to find her and vows to deal with Patoff. When Elaine reaches Patti, she finds herself in some sort of trance. Only when she physically touches Patti, does she respond to Elaine.

Craig grabs the hammer from the strength game and takes it upstairs. Regus looks at how from the top and says Craig is having a panic attack. He hits the glass bottom with the hammer. Patti rushes out of the room when Elaine mentions Craig is there outside. Elaine finds Patti has typed up files for all the personnel. As Craig nears him, Regus still remains calm. He explains his job was to observe, streamline, and improve the organization and he completed the task. He ridicules Craig for being a weak man and not even getting the girl in the end. Regus falls down through the broken glass floor. It seems like he is dead. Patti triggers the fire alarm and escapes with Craig and Elaine.

As the fire trucks approach the building, we see Patoff’s bloody footmarks heading out. Elaine is questioned the next morning by the police. Quite miraculously, she doesn’t blame the planning to kidnap Jumbo on Regus. In fact, she gloats about him and how he elevated them, change their methods, and made them better at their jobs. When she shows up at the office, it functions routinely. Ahn is seen cleaning up the statue, the broken glass floor is repaired, and she finds her name on the door of the main office. She is the boss now. At her desk is placed a key to the records room, which she uses to go down and look at the files.

What is Regus and why was Tokyo able to clear level 316?

We see Regus limping back into the office and looking around at what he has managed to accomplish. It is bustling with ideas and hard-working people genuinely interested in their work. He sees Sang’s statute and bows down to it, staying true to his word: he has preserved Sang’s legacy and made sure it continues for years to come. One again has to take support of conjecture and theorize that Regus is a prototype. He is an experiment from some corporation (hence the name “Regus Patoff”) and from how it went, it was successful. No one can say for sure.

Patti separates from Craig, breaking off the marriage, but on sound terms. Craig thaws the frozen toe that severed from Patoff’s foot and his suspicions are true: he finds a bone made of gold inside. We see Tokyo playing the Odyssey game on the phone Regus gave him – level 316. On television, news broadcasts that shares of Pterodactyl have fallen after the suicide of their CEO, Rebecca. Quite surprisingly, Tokyo is able to get past the elephant and complete the game. For his trophy, he gets a golden skeleton and the phrase “Game Over” flashes on his screen. Regus will now take over that company to get it back on its feet.

Tokyo is the only player in the entire world to have completed the game Mr Sang’s Jungle Odyssey. The reason seems pretty clear: payback for killing Sang. Remember Regus and the others made the game without Craig’s involvement. He was squarely in charge of mapping out the specifics and hence, as a special gift to Tokyo, an avid gamer, removed the glitch from his version of the game (on his personal mobile phone).

The Episode Review

Quite unbelievably, the finale of The Consultant humanized Regus and turned the tables on the established perspective. Or have we become a little evil in our feelings during the show? For some reason, Elaine’s description of Regus’ time at the company seemed just. Sang’s death, while tragic, saved his legacy. We definitely would see drastic change if we see the events in hindsight through this lens.

It is still all airy – the story was never grounded and the writers molded it according to their conveniences. We still do not have any answers and the above learning from the episode does not change the truth of the whole series. If you have seen The Watcher on Netflix, you could empathize with the predicament.

This episode was in disproportionate parts frustrating and compelling. It unsatisfactorily brought the story to a conclusion without giving us thorough answers but enough food for thought.

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