The Boys – Season 1 Episode 3 “Get Some” Recap & Review


The Fastest Man Alive

Episode 3 of The Boys sees Butcher burn the place down to get rid of any evidence while Starlight prepares for the worst. However, her date rape beat-down winds up being a hit with the crowds and she’s now incredibly popular with men and women. To capitalize on that, she’s told to wear a revealing outfit which she initially refuses to do until Madelyn insists she do otherwise she wont be in The Seven.

The big talking point this episode though is the upcoming race between A-Train and Shockwave for the Fastest Man title. While the reporters hype this up, Hughie heads home and destroys all his Supe stuff while his relationship with his Father begins to disintegrate.

Meanwhile, Butcher heads to prison and recruits Mother’s Milk who joins in the operation upon hearing they could take down the Seven and that Translucent is dead. They spy on Popclaw and hack into her computer to get a closer look at A-Train. Later that night, we see A-Train himself worried about his race with Shockwave. They have a falling out and she shows him Compound V, a blue liquid that appears to be acting as steroids for supers. The team decide they need to get hold of this and find out what it’s really made of, realizing this is a big scandal in the making.

The day of the race arrives and while Starlight signs autographs, A-Train prepares for the race. Frenchie sneaks into the locker room but fails to find the serum. A is clearly juiced up and wins the race by some distance but afterwards he tells the reporters he’s single and free on the market which upsets Popclaw.

In her grief, she takes the serum which leads to her accidentally killing her landlord after getting a bit too rough with him. However, Hughie and the others use this to their advantage and blackmail her into telling them everything she knows about the serum.

We then leave the episode with The Deep and Homelander finding what’s left of Translucent in a box with the words “Coming For You” written on them. The game of cat-and-mouse is on.

After several episodes that work to set the foundations for the series, The Boys delivers an episode that furthers the narrative and delivers a highly enjoyable slice of action in the process. The idea of Compound V is a sound one and certainly adds an extra depth to this series, exploring something that ties in nicely to our own culture of athletics that have a heavy anti-doping campaign. Seeing the build-up and hype to the fight plays on this idea too and for the most part, helps to ground this into our own reality, much to the benefit of the show.

With a tantalizing ending, The Boys leaves things wide open going forward, with an episode that pushes the story forward as we reach the halfway point of the show.


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