The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Episode 1 “Laser Baby’s Day Out” Recap & Review

Laser Baby’s Day Out

Episode 1 of The Boys: Diabolical starts with Simon, a Vought employee, heading to work. With numerous children kept in cells, each with their own unique powers, Simon heads in to see a little girl who happens to have laser powers. Of course, she’s named Laser Baby.

After 20 days of trials, Simon is unsuccessful with his subject but he dreams of one day being on the Vought-adoption wall. Unfortunately, his failed endeavour has not gone unnoticed and Superbrain, the boss overseeing all of this, puts Laser Baby’s name down for termination.

Simon busts her out but soldiers are hot on their trail, eventually leading to Laser Baby using her powers, hiccuping and killing these soldiers. What ensues from here is a bloody showcase of brutal action, with soldiers ripped apart and Laser Baby managing to save the day.

Superbrain shows and looks ready to kill Simon though, telepathically moving a bunch of rubble their way. Sensing Simon is in danger, Laser Baby manages to control her powers and stop the threat. As the pair eventually walk off together, Laser Baby leaves a bloody trail in her wake.

The Episode Review

The Boys: Diabolical gets off to a pretty good start here, riffing on Looney Tunes and other cartoons while adding a good deal of blood and gore for good measure. There’s a really nice ebb and flow to this chapter, without a single line of dialogue throughout. But then it’s not really needed.

The story speaks for itself and instead, the show leans into its comedy which crackles through the extreme violence, something The Boys is well known for.

Either way though, this sets things up nicely for a promising anthology of cartoon hijinks. With light, breezy chapters clocking in at around 11-14 minutes, this is an easy one to get into.

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