The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap & Review

The small leak will sink a great ship. II

Episode 12 of The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2 begins with Fabio leading Chise and her friends to the gathering area of the waste tower. Fabio assigns Isaac and Zoe the task of collecting minerals and for Philomela to teach them how to gather them. Chise asks Philomela what condition they must fulfill to see the plants, but Philomela doesn’t give her a solid answer. Rian shows aggression toward Philomela, making Chise question what’s going on.

At the same time, Alice confronts Renfred about wanting to become his protector again, but Renfred says he doesn’t need Alice’s protection. Alice says Renfred should support her dreams, as he asks her if he hates that he treats her like his daughter. We cut to Zoe and Chise at the gathering area. Zoe feels a bad presence in the air, so Chise warns him to be careful. Philomela assists Rian before he gets attacked by a plant-like scorpion creature. Rian confronts Philomela about her personality, and Philomela feels she’s not good enough for her grandmother and refuses to elaborate further, angering Rian.

Alice tells Renfred she hated her previous father but says Renfred is nothing like him. He promises to protect Alice if she’s ever in grave danger since his father did the same for him. Renfred departs, leaving Alice to wonder if Adolf knows anything about Renfred’s past. Meanwhile, Zoe collects minerals but realizes he lost Chise. Suddenly, two sorcerers ambush Zoe, so he removes his headset to immobilize them with his Gorgon abilities. He flees to find Chise.

Lucy and Seth get into an argument, resulting in Lucy leaving the medical room to meet with her friends at the gathering area. Chise looks for Zoe and gets attacked by Fabio. He reveals he’s a sorcerer bound to the waste tower. Fabio says he wants Chise, but senses Cartaphillus’s presence inside her. He tells Chise she should go on without him, but Chise thinks he’s referring to Elias and refuses to become Fabio’s treasure.

Fabio asks Chise if she’s killed someone before because she can see the invisible plants. Chise and Fabio hear Zoe in the distance, resulting in Fabio giving up his plans for the time being. Suddenly, Rian and the others meet the waste tower’s real supervisor and Ruth.

Fabio arrives. The supervisor confronts him about his poor handling of the situation and vows to report him to his superiors. Fabio doesn’t care and says she should be worrying about someone else and departs into the waste tower.

Seth finds Lucy crying and hugs her. Both characters share their deep grievances with each other and apologize. Lucy admits that she didn’t like how everyone treated Seth, but wasn’t happy to see them all get murdered in the tragedy. She vows to become a skilled sorceress and uncover who killed them. Seth tells Lucy he can’t hold onto his anger as she can but lets her know he’ll always worry for her.

Meanwhile, Chise and her friends find Elias and Principal Quillyn discussing things. Quillyn approaches Philomela and wants to ask her something. Suddenly, Philomela’s grandmother sends a servant bird to speak with Philomela about her withdrawal. Her grandmother tells Philomela to stay and calls her a failure in front of everyone. Isaac grabs Philomela and takes her somewhere while Chise and the others follow them. Quillyn tells Philomela’s grandmother she’s sealing the college for security measures because someone’s been harming students. Quillyn has her cat-siths murder the servant bird and realizes the woman carrying the bird wasn’t a mere puppet.

At the same time, Philomela’s grandmother realizes how uncivilized Quillyn can be. However, she believes she still has time as the episode closes with an image of a sinister eye.

The Episode Review

It appears we’ll have to wait for this season’s second cour to uncover who is responsible for the multiple attacks taking place in the college. Based on Philomela’s grandmother’s words toward the end of the chapter, we can assume she may have something to do with the attacks. The reasons why she’d send someone to do these acts remain a mystery though.

The college’s mysterious assailant aside, this episode spent a nice portion of its time giving us disputes between pairs. From Alice confronting Renfred about her dreams to Lucy and Seth’s intimate segment, there were a lot of pleasing drama moments that will get viewers pumped. It was touching seeing Seth and Lucy discuss the Webster Family Tragedy and share a heartfelt moment together.

It shows just how determined Lucy is to find the culprit and bring them to justice. Furthermore, fans will enjoy hearing Renfred share some interesting tidbits about his father. Hopefully, Alice will be able to attain information from Adolf since it can help her understand Renfred’s ideals. On top of the thrilling scenario with Fabio and Chise, The Ancient Magus’ Bride season two has been great. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this part of the story offers when it returns in October.

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