The Amity Affliction – Not Without My Ghosts | Album Review

Track Listing

Show Me Your God
It’s Hell Down Here
Fade Away
Death And The Setting Sun
I See Dead People
When It Rains It Pours
The Big Sleep
Close To Me
God Voice
Not Without My Ghosts


Side-splitting songs are abundant on this release by The Amity Affliction, a band which has steadily grown into a massive act in their scene. Not Without My Ghosts is their statement of intent, their grandiose effort, that works on many levels. Every beat is felt, every chord is played with precision, and the screams are ever so evident.

The band is rough around the edges – these are guys that play and shred like crazy – but they’re so decisive with melody and clean harmonies too. Not Without My Ghosts is a melodic album, there’s no doubting that, and it challenges these musicians to the max.

Lyrically we’re taken into dark times, where love rots and riots create tension. The band is also equipped to create lyrics which aren’t one-dimensional, which shows their diverse side. Often, many bands in this scene don’t show these characteristics, but The Amity Affliction doesn’t disappoint.

Show Me Your God starts the record off with a bang and courageous instrumentals. The screams increase the tension, and they break through commandingly, unleashing a unique sound.

Fade Away boasts great instrumentals again. There’s a segment that dials down the madness, though that doesn’t last long, as the ferocity banishes all subtlety.

The Big Sleep again shows the band’s shredding power and adeptness, proving that they have intelligence as well as decisiveness. The song is abrasive in the best way, and it connects on an emotional level.

The Amity Affliction does not deter fully from their signature sound here, which in truth, works wholeheartedly.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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