The Alchemy – Idle Ghosts | Album Review

Track List

Brain Dead
Digital People
Dream a Little Bigger
Little Hell
Plastic Flowers


These are songs of suffering, songs portraying hardship and broken memories. The Alchemy is a band from east Kent, and they’re using their talents to create tracks that are raucous in their delivery, justified in their construction. Idle Ghosts is their EP of magnitude, a collection brimming in anecdotes about the state of misery and a world which is colliding with hopes and dreams. And this album doesn’t disappoint when it comes to instrumental significance, as these tight guitar lines and powerful percussion are not in any way mediocre.

Idle Ghosts signifies rage and love. Lust is explored too, and rage tries to pummel anything that resembles blossoming tranquility. This darkness only makes for a better listen, and the emotion will connect to the listener on a desired level, which, in truth, is a good thing as many albums detract from the bond between emotion and music. Music has the power to change perceptions, and we know Idle Ghosts may be a poignant and razor-sharp listen, but these are the records that wake up the emotions in us.

The Alchemy seem to pride themselves on their lyrical forays and the band has certainly mapped out their desires here. The album they’ve designed should stake a claim. ‘Flawless’ starts the record off with acoustic sounds until the guitars prevail. The melodies are clear and the clarity enthralling, shifting into different dimensions. ‘Afterlife’ opens softly, giving the listener time to reflect and to fall into the sonic influence. Lyrically, it’s a poetic masterclass. ‘Little Hell’ again hits all the boxes in terms of instrumentals and lyrical storytelling, and the vocals shudder in, increasing the tension and generating a contrast.

The Alchemy break ground with this album. Their melancholic sound may not be for everyone, but the emotion is tangible.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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