The Beths – Expert In A Dying Field | Album Review

Track Listing

Expert In A Dying Field
Knees Deep
Silence Is Golden
Your Side
I Want To Listen
Head In The Clouds
Best Left
Change In The Weather
When You Know You Know
A Passing Rain
I Told You That I Was Afraid


The Beths are a unique collective of musicians. They’re empowering but melancholic songs keep the emotions alive. And An Expert In A Dying Field is their purposeful stretch forward; a progressive slant on rock music and a story-driven masterclass. The poetry becomes a mainstay within the songs, and it details sorrowful moments, burning desires, and the lack of light.

Though it’s a morose listen at times, the music doesn’t feel jaded; it feels alive and original. Breaking norms is what bands want to aspire to do, and The Beths do this and more, searching within themselves and creating something sonically interesting. It’s an album bountiful in hooks and an intelligent stab at innovation, especially lyrically. Lead singer Elizabeth Stokes has been acclaimed for her lyrical forays and her words have that sheer poignancy rippling through them. She sounds like an emphatic novelist reading from a book of truth, and that much can really be felt on this LP.

‘Expert In A Dying Field’ starts the album with an intelligent track, one which Stokes sings elegantly, pushing her voice through misery. The guitar moments lift the song through different stages.

‘Silence Is Golden’ is a louder track, confirming that this band can do things with raucous intentions. It’s a well-rounded, experimental song but actually works pretty well in the context of this album. ‘Head In The Clouds’ also begins loudly, with frenzied guitar strokes, but a very purposeful sound. Although these tracks are the stand-outs on the LP, your favourites will probably differ.

The Beths are a talented outfit, spearheading originality through stages of sorrow – and this album only elevates their popularity.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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