Tell Me Lies – Season 1 Episode 6 “And I’m Sorry if I dissed You” Recap & Review

And I’m Sorry if I dissed You

Stephan still cannot process the thought of Wrigley and Diana sleeping together in episode 6 of Tell Me Lies. It is eating him from the inside. Lucy is going through a similar phase after discovering that Stephan had relations with Macy. The holidays are over and the students are back at Baird.

Stephan is cold to Wrigley when he comes back. Lucy announces to Bree and Pippa that it is “over between Stephan and her; for now”. They also welcome Lucy’s new roommate, Charlie. Just like Lucy, Stephan is ignoring Diana’s calls. Stephan joins Evan in his workout sesh to outmatch Wrigley or take off his frustrations.

Lucy begins her advanced seminar and the teacher assigns them to write a short story. She has also forgotten to bring her copy of On Writing, the book they’re supposed to work on. The library doesn’t have the book and Lucy runs into Evan. For a brief moment, it seems like Evan takes a fancy to Lucy. He does offer to give the book to her when she comes over. Lucy, though, confides in him that it might be over for Stephan and her, to which Evan seems quite satisfied. It is almost as if he thought it was coming for the brooding Casanova.

Diana confronts Stephan and flirts with him. To spite her, he suggests they make love in the library. Diana reluctantly agrees. But Pippa is sitting right outside and spots them leaving together. Lucy and Evan grab a coffee, where he tells her that Stephan hasn’t been truthful in the relationship. Although he doesn’t talk negatively, he implies that Lucy can do much better than Stephan. She is herself distressed and her anger becomes more severe after this meeting. Stephan’s lack of forthcoming about stuff and the fact that he hides so much from her bothers Lucy.

Stephan waits outside Lucy’s dorm because she hasn’t replied to texts and calls. They go in private and she finally confronts him about Macy. For the first time in six episodes, we see Stephan panicking and coming up short of words. He stammers, squirms nervously, and probably has his first genuine outburst in front of Lucy. She presses him hard for answers, almost frantically nitpicking at the details. Stephan divulges the incident with Drew but also reveals information the audience didn’t know before. He insinuates that Macy and he went together to the party the night she died.

He was in the car with her when Drew’s car came out of nowhere and he just ran, not helping them. Stephan had cocaine on him and was drunk. He was scared he will get into trouble and hence ran from the scene. We have no idea if this is true or not – probably a lie – but Stephan puts in tremendous effort to pass it off as true. Lucy falls for it and embraces him. Their relationship is on the mend as Stephan spends the night over in her room. Pippa sees them together and informs Lucy of what she saw with Diana and him. Lucy gets defensive and they almost have a fight. She feels her friends are judging her for the choices she is making but they all make up.

Evan is a bit disappointed to hear about Stephan and Lucy getting back together. When Stephan tells Evan about Diana and Wrigley, he too is casual about it. He explains that their perception of Stephan stems from his lack of seriousness in relationships and how he changes girls like a revolving door. It is true and Stephan recognizes that. He starts making more of an effort with Lucy, starting with seeing in public with her. Charlie encourages Lucy to turn in one of her old stories she wrote for a blog years back, as she forgot to complete the assignment. It turns out to be liked by the entire class.

Stephan is still tense with Wigley over the Diana issue. At a party, they both agree to meet the next day in the gym for a workout session. Diana confronts Stephan at the party and he decisively breaks up with her. She is stunned and heartbroken; but this time, it seems like Stephan has chosen.

This Diana thing is over, especially after Lucy forgave him for continuing with her earlier in the library. In an intense sequence, Stephan presses Wrigley, somewhat as Lucy did him, in the sauna after the workout. He wants to get dirt on Pippa, which Wrigley gives in a state of confusion. It is clear he hates her for telling on him to Lucy but eventually comes to his senses when he sees Wrigley struggling to cope.

Stephan and Lucy go “together” to another party with their friends. Evan hits on Lucy in a drunken state, saying he likes her and she should break it off with Stephan. Lucy shoots him down and he walks away. Stephan has a chilling confrontation with Pippa, revealing he did lie to Lucy about being in the car to get her back. It is a menacing exchange that truly shows how the characters in the show actually are.

The Episode Review

It probably wouldn’t be amiss calling ‘Tell Me Lies’ a plotless show. In reality, there is no progression of the story or the classes that our characters take. Everything ebbs and flows with our little group of people.

The show singularly focuses on how they navigate the strangeness that comes with dating another member of their eclectic group. Episode 6 continues the trend of unlikable decisions made by Lucy, Stephan, and Pippa. Most of them are isolating and unrelatable, so it is okay if you feel a bit left out.¬†You’re supposed to feel that way.

This was perhaps the first episode where we saw any genuineness by Stephan but even that turned out to be partially farcical. This is the first time he felt helpless in front of Lucy and a role reversal happened in some ways. Episode 6 signals a new dawn for their relationship and for Evan and Bree too. The cold, indifferent world of Tell Me Lies is uniquely attractive and ironically repulsive at the same time. It is a deadly mix, albeit rough around the edges but good, challenging fun.

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