Sweet Magnolias – Season 2 Episode 1 “Casseroles and Casualties” Recap & Review

Casseroles and Casualties

Episode 1 of Sweet Magnolias Season 2 wastes absolutely no time picking up where we left off. The ambulance races to hospital as our characters are left twiddling their thumbs over the fate of Kyle and Nellie. All the usual faces are there, and as tensions rise it’s Ronnie who directs traffic and calms things down.

When the doctors show, they learn that Kyle is with the orthopedist and Nellie too is going to be okay. So that’s that then.

In the midst of the kids arguing, Jackson pushes Tyler, who goes down clutching his elbow. There are all sorts of squabbles and grievances here between the characters; leftover baggage from season 1 that threatens to blow up at any moment.

Anyway, this little push ends up fracturing Ty’s arm, meaning he should be healed up in 4-6 weeks. Of course, that throws his plans for pitching for state completely out the window. Cal attempts to touch Maddie’s hand after finding out this news but she tellingly pulls her hand away.

When Kyle wakes up, battered, bruised but very much alive, he apologizes for what’s happened. He’s understandably exhausted and he’s kept in for the night. Bill stays with him while Maddie takes Ty home.

Meanwhile, Dana and Helen discuss the night’s events and reflect on what’s happened. Maddie shows up soon after as the trio sit and have a cup of tea each. As a Brit, this is absolutely the best way of working through your issues. Where are the biscuits (cookies) though?

Anyway, when Dana heads home she finds Ronnie there, who wants to talk about their relationship. I mean, time and a place buddy! He tells Dana that he wants to help and reassures her that she can lean on him. That’s particularly awkward given things between Dana and Jeremy are still going well.

In the morning, a whole bunch of people show up to see Kyle while he’s recovering, including Pastor June. The idea of forgiveness certainly causes Maddie to crease up a little, and as she leaves the room, Bill follows and approaches her.

Maddie admits she’s not able to forgive him and vehemently declines to get back with him. It’s over, there’s no going back. Of course, that’s just as well given there’s clear chemistry between Cal and Maddie, with the former heading over with some pizza that afternoon. it ends up being so much more than that though, as the pair kiss.

They’re still kissing when Helen shows up with some lemon bars. Honestly, watching this show when you’re hungry is not a good idea.

At the hospital, Nellie heads in to see Kyle. She admits the people at church were saying the craziest of things so she wanted to show up herself. Kyle blames himself for what happened, pointing out he could have hurt her in the crash. But… he didn’t. So Nellie forgives him and kisses him on the forehead.

Meanwhile, Helen has a quick chat with her mum before getting back to work in the kitchen. At the same time, Ty tries to come to terms with his new situation, unable to use his arm for pitching. Given he can’t go to State, that’s doing nothing to help his mood. However, Kyle is coming home in the wheelchair soon so that’s at least a bonus.

As the episode closes out, Maddie, Dana and Helen sit together and discuss their current issues. Dana breaks down after admitting she’s struggling with Annie getting involved, along with carrying the weight of Isaac trying to find out who his birth mother is. When Dana leaves, Helen drops an absolute bombshell. She’s pregnant.

The Episode Review

The syrupy sweet melodrama of Sweet Magnolias returns and after some initial drama early on, it’s back to the usual humdrum of the different subplots woven around this small town. In a way, this show does bear some similarities to Virgin River, although we all saw how season 3 ended up so hopefully this one doesn’t follow suit. Anyway, either way if you were a fan of season 1, you should love what’s here.

Some of the drama is a little formulaic and contrived, including the way Tyler fractured his elbow, but on the whole there’s clearly drama being brewed here ready for the upcoming episodes. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Helen’s pregnancy and how that affects the dynamic of the group. For now though, there’s plenty to work with going forward.

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