Svalbard – The Weight Of The Mask | Album Review

Track Listing

Faking It 
Eternal Spirits 
Lights Out 
How To Swim Down 
Be My Tomb 
Pillar In The Sand 
To Wilt Beneath The Weight 


This is sheer ferocity from a band that wants to discover hope in a world gone mad. Svalbard delivers intensity, breaking sweat and recklessly losing their minds while gifting us songs which take metal to a new level entirely. With this album, they give us hard-hitting music that deals with themes we don’t always talk about.  

The band is fearless, that’s for sure, as they play fast and scream at the skies for some sort of sign. They bask in darkness too, as the light holds no significance. While they growl and bellow, the instrumental qualities shine through. These guys are so adept at creating structured riffs and technical instrumentals that it’s hard not to admire it all.  There is no beauty or roses here, as the band showcase gloomy lyrics that add another layer to the madness.

There are 9 songs on this impactful record.

‘Faking It’ begins with rousing guitars and powerful percussion, creating a thick atmosphere, and pushing the band to the limits. It lasts over 5 minutes, but there is no let-up or dip in quality.  

‘Defiance’ bears all the blemishes, though it’s a radical track, full of power and electric instrumentals. Some clean vocals come in, mixing with the blistering screams. The shape and arrangements of this song are stellar. 

‘Lights Out’ starts hard and fast, claiming the prize as one the most hard-hitting tracks on the record. From the beginning to the end, it entices the goosebumps and delivers an intensity so dramatic.  

Svalbard bares their souls here, pushing the elements of their sound to the maximum while staying true to themselves.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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