Superman and Lois – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Superman and Lois begins with rain pouring down. Jordan and Jonathan are both playing football, with Jordan given the big opportunity to change the team’s fortunes. He does just this, hitting a touchdown and winning over the team too.

In attendance though is the General, who notices Jordan’s strength and asks Lois to explain herself. He knows that Jordan has powers and warns his daughter, telling her she needs to lay low and this is risky.

When Clark heads home, the General continues, telling him that trouble is brewing in Metropolis. After all, with no Superman in the skies then the prison is more susceptible to attack. In order to quell that, they’re going to move some of the supervillains to a more secure location. The General encourages Clark to escort the upcoming transport, especially given it holds the genius, Killgrave.

Things with Morgan Edge continue to stir, with Kyle and Lana invited out for dinner with him. Only, he corners Lana and asks about her job, making her uncomfortable. Kyle doesn’t seem to notice, seemingly too blinded by the job situation in town.

Chrissy and Lois continue to investigate Edge, preparing to write up their article. However, Edge’s right-hand woman suddenly shows up and warns them against publishing their story. If they do, it’s going to end very badly.

With Lois unable to say anything about Edge, she speaks to Clark instead and asks for his help. Specifically, she wants him to show up that evening at the assembly. He gladly accepts, leading Lois to meet Morgan Edge again and challenge him, asking just why he’s doing all of this. Morgan however, turns the attention on her family and asks just what she’s doing back in town.

Predictably, Killgrave’s prison transfer goes awry. In fact, he’s let loose and the prison guards are easily dispatched by his goons. Clark realizes this and immediately rushes to the scene. There, he finds a taunting message; Killgrave has been expecting him.

Supe flies around Metropolis, trying to find the maniacal scientist, leaving Lois all alone at the assembly that evening. She even tries ringing, telling him to hurry up, but it’s no good. The motion is approved and Morgan Edge slithers his way into town.

Back home, Lois confronts Clark about him missing the assembly. She worries that she’s far down on Clark’s list of priorities and walks away, leaving Superman with a lot to think about. Well, this eventually sees Clark show up in a park with Killgrave, who blindsides him with a sonic weapon.

That evening at a party, ‘Tag’ Harris sees his metahuman powers start to manifest, with his hand shaking uncontrollably. Jonathan and Jordan both show and try to help outside, with Jordan eventually lending a hand and holding Tag down. Only, he’s quickly blasted back.

With things looking bleak, and with Tag spinning out, Superman defeats Killgrave quickly and heads back home, helping Tag and saving the day. The doctors at the DOD oversee Tag from now on, with the General confirming that he’ll be taken to a special school for kids with superpowers. Wait, is this an X-Men crossover?! Anyway, Lois confronts the General about his talk with the boys.

That evening, Clark surprises Lois with a romantic dinner. As they sit together and ready themselves to eat, General Sam rings to inform him there’s a situation in Malawi. As he heads off, Sam phones someone and tells them to open a contingency plan. That plan is going to be called Project 7734.

Meanwhile, Morgan Edge uses his superpowered associate to punch a hole through the mines underground to uncover a whole stack of kryptonite.

The Episode Review

Superman and Lois returns with a really solid episode this week, one that shows the strains of bein a superhero and trying to juggle that responsibility with raising a family. Throughout this episode we see this conflict play out multiple times, and although Killgrave is defeated pretty quickly, that whole sequence serves its purpose to show how hard this is on Clark Kent.

Meanwhile, the boys find themselves face to face with another superpowered individual, this time in the form of Tag. His manifested powers appear much more violently that Jordan’s did, and the conclusion to this storyline may mean that we’re going to see Tag again some time in the future.

This entire episode does a great job balancing  action and drama; a much better example of this compared to last week. While that wasn’t a bad episode per-se, it also felt very CW-esque in the way it tackled teenage angst. Thankfully, that’s not so much the case here and the show definitely leaves the door open for where this one may go next.

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