Sugar – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Sugar Episode 6 begins with Bernie and Margit Siegel learning that Davy survived but is brain dead. At home, Sugar is waiting for a call from Charlie regarding Byron Stallings. Elsewhere, Stallings comes home and Charlie watches from afar. Sugar learns of his arrival and tells Ruby he’s going to meet Stallings. Stallings gets a text message at his house at the same time.

Sugar tells Charlie he’s going in and tells her to do something if he’s not back in ten minutes. He then goes to the house but it seems empty. He sees the locked cupboard inside and is about to open it when he hears someone crying. He finds a woman crying but it’s only Stallings’ girlfriend. Stallings and his associate turn up as well and they corner Sugar.

Outside, someone knocks on Charlie’s car door. Inside, Stallings tells Sugar that Charlie isn’t coming to his rescue. Sugar overpowers them, killing the girlfriend and the associate but getting stabbed in the process. He checks the number on Stallings’ phone that informed him of Sugar’s arrival and then shoots Stallings as well. In another room, he then finds a bunch of cages with dogs in them.

When another of Stallings’ associates comes by, Sugar takes his phone. He tries calling Charlie and when that doesn’t work, Melanie.

Meanwhile, Jonathan wakes up and Bernie tells him about Davy. Bernie reminisces about moments with his son and the mistakes he made raising him. He then says he and Margit have decided to let Davy go.

Sugar goes to a motel where Melanie is waiting for him. He tells Melanie to call someone named Henry and then passes out. Sometime later, Henry arrives and tells Melanie to go buy more betadine. When she’s gone, Henry injects Sugar with something. He also brings out a bag of blood.  Sugar soon passes out.

We then see Sugar sleeping in bed. Henry leaves Melanie with him. After a while, Sugar wakes up and heads out. He goes to Ruby’s place and confronts her – she topped off Stallings. She can’t explain what happened but says she told Stallings to leave, not attack Sugar. She doesn’t know where Charlie is either.

Sugar surmises Stallings took Olivia for someone that Ruby and the others are protecting. She says this is all for ‘the mission’. When Ruby goes upstairs to get medicine, Sugar checks the drawer by which she had been standing. Inside is a bottle of medicine. Sugar leaves, knowing that Ruby is probably calling someone.

Back in his hotel room, Sugar decides he can take the rest of the night for a break. He then injects himself with something. His appearance changes turning his eyes and skin blue as his hair recedes at the end of Sugar Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Okay, what is even going on anymore? Has Sugar really decided to go from an artsy, crime drama to a full-out supernatural one? This massive plot twist is going to lose the show many viewers. It’s not an I-got-you type of twist as much as one that completely throws you off. This is an entire genre shift and something tells me the show is only going downwards now.  

All of that aside, episode 6 of Sugar is slow and trudges on through Sugar’s search for Stallings, who just isn’t an interesting villain. Everything with Davy is only mildly more so. Unfortunately, this whole investigation and set-up of characters seems a bit futile considering that massive plot twist. Who knows which way this will go now?

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